Monday, 21 August 2017

DD Free Dish New Channel Coming Soon Star Bharat TV on 28 Aug 2017

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Monday, August 21, 2017

DD Free Dish latest news, DD Free Dish new channel Star Bharat of Star TV network will be added on Freedish on August 28, 2017, at 6 pm.  Star India launches a new channel, STAR BHARAT. Star India has announced the launch of its new channel, STAR BHARAT, starting August 28, 2017, at 6 pm. STAR BHARAT will show inspiring stories about the travels of strong and intrepid characters that rise to the collective.

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dd free dish new channel Star Bharat

Celebrating the many facets of Fearless India, STAR BHARAT presents a line of content with strong and rooted icons and a differentiated programming that is in line with the philosophy of the brand 'Bhuladedarr, kuchalagkar'.

The STAR BHARAT 'Mat kar' launch campaign is based on a simple but powerful intuition about how, unconsciously, we allow different types of fears to creep into our minds and how these fears prevent us from pursuing our dreams.

"Mat Kar," a phrase frequently repeated in Indian society, refers to a factor of setback; Move away from the free-flowing fun, nurture a dream, make a choice of life or just follow one's instincts. The film, conceptualized by the creative team of Star India and directed by Shimit Amin of Chak De fame, takes the viewer through several scenarios, some significant and others seemingly not so, all of which play on fear. STAR BHARAT's response to 'Mat kar' leading to fear is a resounding 'Bhula of darr'. 

Here is the Full List of Star Bharat TV Serials and Schedule | TRP Rating of Star Bharat TV Serials 2017-18.

Om Shanti Om: For the first time on Indian television, a channel will celebrate the essence of devotional music with a contemporary twist. A devotional music show where tradition joins fashion, creating "traditional" music. The show will portray the musical journey of 14 voices that will give a contemporary touch to devotional songs and unify audiences throughout the country with their performances. Produced by Colosceum, the show will mark the debut of Swami Baba Ramdev on television as Judge Maha. While the esteemed panel of judges will include the sensation of Bollywood Sonakshi Sinha, singer and musical director ShekharRavjiani, and singer Kanika Kapoor.

Kya Haal Mr Panchaal?: 1Saas. 1 Son .5 Brides. Boon or bane? KyaHaalMr.Panchaal? It is a comedy of errors where the search for a mother of the perfect bride lands her with five. See how a desperate mother's prayer for the "perfect" bride with five essential qualities is answered in the form of five women with five different qualities. What follows is a series of fun events. Sometimes getting more of what you ask for can be a curse! Created in partnership with Optimystix, 'KyaHaal Mr Panchal?' It is a tickling tingling comedy starring Kanchan Gupta as saas and Manindar Singh as the son.

Nimki Mukhiya: Located in Bihar, this is a story of a village that has been ruled by men for years. Women here are mostly confined to being homemakers. But a wind of change is about to enter. Call for opportunity or pure luck, for the first time, the state will witness something extraordinary. A naive and bubbly girl, Nimki, who loves daydreaming and is unaware of the world outside her home, is about to take responsibility for her village and to do the Mukhiya. The show is a journey of self-realization that the power to change oneself as well as the environment we live in lies within. Nimki's unexpected position as the Mukhiya gives a comical twist to situations.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Saam Daam Dand Bhed is the personal journey of Vijay Namdhari, played by Bhanu Uday, a high potential but misguided young man who does not know what he wants out of life. This family drama, based on a fictional city in India, is produced by Shakuntalam Telefilms. When a storm breaks his life, Vijay finally finds the courage to fight and protect his family. The show traces its transformation from a carefree young man into a political leader, who becomes the inspiration for many.

Ayushman Bhav: With the backdrop of Mathura, Ayushman Bhav is an exciting story of Krish. The show shows the poignant story of an eight-year-old whose childhood is not as simple as that of others. Like other children his age, Krish plays with toys and games, but also has a burning desire to seek justice for the faults committed in his past life. Produced by White Horse International, the drama of revenge plays popular children's artist Ricky Patel as the protagonist and Avinash Sachdeva, Megha Gupta and Manish Goel as cast members.

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Sunday, 20 August 2017

EE TV offers: EE TV adds Amazon Alexa voice control to the Television Service

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Entertainment News. EE TV UK adds Amazon's Alexa voice control to the television service. British operator EE TV became the first multiplayer operator to add voice support to its television service after a tie with Amazon Alexa in the UK.

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EE TV, EE TV package, EE TV channels

The new feature will enable its set-top box clients to give voice commands through Amazon smart devices to investigate television listings and set up recordings.

In a statement, the operator said the addition of EE TV Skill to Alexa was the first of many voice-features it planned to add to the platform.

Paolo Pescatore, multiplayer VP and media at research firm CCS Insight, said: "EE continues to push the boundaries with its television service. Given the fragmented nature of television services today, we believe the voice will play a Fundamental role in the search for the programs that the consumers want to see ".

"More importantly, support for Amazon Alexa goes one step further than Sky Q in support of additional voice features."


EE launched its television service in 2014 when the company was still jointly owned by Orange and Deutsche Telekom.

Since its acquisition by BT in January 2016, the EE brand was largely operated separately.

Meanwhile, BT invested heavily in its own television service, including spending £1.2 billion for exclusive rights to the European Champions League football competition, and the Sky rivalry to broadcast Ashes cricket matches in Australia For £80 million.

Although details are still incomplete on the future correlation of its many brands, BT said in July it was ready to integrate EE into its new consumer division. This would likely place EE in the same operational division as most of BT's branded TV offering.

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

Dish Channels Here is DD free Dish channel list Aug 2017 DD Free Dish update

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

DD Free Dish Channel List 14 August 2017 with DD Free Dish frequency. DD Free Dish update here is the complete DD free Dish channel list t updated on 14 August 2017 from GSAT-15 TV satellite at 93.5° East. This free dish channel list also contains all available free to air Dish Channels and free dish tv channel frequency currently available on India's number one free to air direct to home TV service.

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dd free dish channel

This DD Free dish channel list includes all MPEG2 and Mpeg4/DVB S2 satellite TV channels from free dish tv channel frequency 11630 V 30000 and also includes the newly added MHRD and Vande Gujarat Television channels on same GSAT 15 satellite TV service at 93. 5 East.

Dish Channels Here is DD free Dish channel list Aug 2017 DD Free Dish update

 Free dish tv channel frequency11090 V 29500

Dish channels.

1.  DWDS_Service (Radio)
2.  DD National (TV)
3.  DD News (TV)
4.  DD Sports (TV)
5.  DD Kisan (TV)
6.  DD Bharti (TV)
7.  DD Bangla (TV)
8.  DD Chandana (TV)
9.  DD Girnar (TV)
10.  DD Kashir (TV)
11.  Maha Movie (TV)
12.  Aastha Bhajan (TV)
13.  B4 U Movies (TV)
14.  Wow Cinema (TV)
15.  India News (TV)
16.  News 18 India (TV)
17.  Big Magic Ganga (TV)
18.  AIR VBS (Radio)
19.  AIR Telugu (Radio)
20.  AIR Marathi (Radio)
21.  AIR Tamil (Radio)
22.  AIR National (Radio)
23.  Rainbow Kolkata (Radio)
24.  AIR Vijayawada (Radio)
25. AIR Imphal (Radio)

Free dish tv channel frequency111170 V 29500.

Dish channels.

1.  DWDS_service (Radio)
2.  DD Rajasthan (TV)
3.  DD Oriya (TV)
4.  DD Podhigai (TV)
5.  DD Punjabi (TV)
6.  DD Sahyadri (TV)
7.  DD Yadagiri (TV)
8.  DD Malayalam (TV)
9.  Lok Sabha (TV)
10.  Rajya Sabha (TV)
11.  Vaa Movies (TV)
12.  Dangal (TV)
13.  Bhojpuri Cinema (TV)
14.  DD Bihar (TV)
15.  DD North East (TV)
16.  DD UP (TV)
17.  Sadhna National (TV)
18.  AIR Gujrati (Radio)
19.  FM Rainbow (Radio)
20.  AIR Punjabi (Radio)
21.  FM Gold (Radio)
22.  Radio Kashir (Radio)
23.  AIR Lucknow (Radio)
24.  AIR Patna (Radio)
25.  AIR Bhopal (Radio)

Free dish tv channel frequency11470 V 29500.

Dish channels.

1.  DWDS_Service (Radio)
2.  Naaptol Blue (TV)
3.  DD Urdu (TV)
4.  Cinema TV (TV)
5.  DD Saptgiri (TV)
6.  India TV (TV)
7.  Aastha TV (TV)
8.  Manoranjan TV (TV)
9.  News Nation (TV)
10.  Sony Pal (TV)
11.  Dabangg (TV)
12.  Rishtey (TV)
13.  Sony Mix (TV)
14.  Homeshop 18 (TV)
15.  DD MP (TV)
16.  Enterr-10 (TV)
17.  APN News TV (TV)
18.  Air Kannada (Radio)
19.  AIR Bangla (Radio)
20.  AIR Hindi (Radio)
21.  AIR NE (Radio)
22.  AIR Chennai (Radio)
23.  FM Gold Mumbai (Radio)
24.  AIR Jaipur (Radio)
25.  Rainbow Mumbai (Radio)

Free dish tv channel frequency11510 V 29500.

Dish channels.

1.  DWDS_service (Radio)
2.  Big Magic (TV)
3.  Sanskar (TV)
4.  9XM (TV)
5.  Teleshop (TV)
6.  India 24×7 (TV)
7.  Star Utsav (TV)
8.  Zee Anmol (TV)
9.  Mastiii (TV)
10.  B4U Music (TV)
11.  Dillagi (TV)
12.  News State (TV)
13.  News 24 (TV)
14.  Sony Wah (TV)
15.  AAJ TAK (TV)
16.  ABP News (TV)
17.  ZEE News (TV)
18.  AIR Ragam (Radio)
19.  Rainbow Bangalore (Radio)
20.  Air Urdu (Radio)
21.  Air Oriya (Radio)
22.  AIR Malayalam (Radio)
23.  AIR Assamese (Radio)
24.  FM Gold Chennai (Radio)
25.  FM Gold Kolkata (Radio)

Free dish tv channel frequency11550 V 29500.

Dish channels.

1.  Manoranjan Movies (TV)
2.  Movie House (TV)
3.  Housefull Movies (TV)
4.  Star Utsav Movies (TV)
5.  Russia Today (TV)
6.  Zee Anmol Cinema (TV)
7.  9X Bajao (TV)
8.  RT Movies (TV)
9.  Chardikala Time TV (TV)
10.  India News (TV)
11.  9X Jalwa (TV)
12.  Rishtey Cineplex (TV)
13.  Star Sports First (TV)
14.  MTV Beats (TV)
15.  ETV Uttarpradesh (TV)
16.  ETV Rajasthan (TV)
17.  AIR Kohima (Radio)
18.  AIR Aizawl (Radio)
19.  AIR Itanagar (Radio)
20.  AIR Agartala (Radio)
21.  AIR Rohtak (Radio)
22.  AIR Shimla (Radio)
23.  AIR Varanasi (Radio)
24. Test 508 (Radio)

DD free dish frequency 11550 H 29500.

Free dish channel list.

1.  VANDE GUJ 1 (TV)
2.  VANDE GUJ 2 (TV)
3.  VANDE GUJ 3 (TV)
4.  VANDE GUJ 4 (TV)
5.  VANDE GUJ 5 (TV)
6.  VANDE GUJ 6 (TV)
7.  VANDE GUJ 7 (TV)
8.  VANDE GUJ 8 (TV)
9.  VANDE GUJ 9 (TV)
10.  VANDE GUJ 10 (TV)
11.  VANDE GUJ 11 (TV)
12.  VANDE GUJ 12 (TV)
13.  VANDE GUJ 13 (TV)
14.  VANDE GUJ 14 (TV)
15.  VANDE GUJ 15 (TV)
16.  VANDE GUJ 16 (TV)

DD free dish frequency 11590 V 29500.

Free dish channel list.

1.  MHRD 1 (TV)
2.  MHRD 2 (TV)
3.  MHRD 3 (TV)
4.  MHRD 4 (TV)
5.  MHRD 5 (TV)
6.  MHRD 6 (TV)
7.  MHRD 7 (TV)
8.  MHRD 8 (TV)
9.  MHRD 9 (TV)
10.  MHRD 10 (TV)
11.  MHRD 11 (TV)
12.  MHRD 12 (TV)
13.  MHRD 13 (TV)
14.  MHRD 14 (TV)
15.  MHRD 15 (TV)
16.  MHRD 16 (TV)

DD free dish frequency 11630 V 30000.

Free dish channel list.

1.  TEST 601 (TV)
2.  TEST 602 (TV)
3.  TEST 603 (TV)
4.  TEST 604 (TV)
5.  TEST 606 (TV)
6.  TEST 607 (TV)
7.  TEST 608 (TV)
8.  TEST Test 609 (TV)
9.  TEST 613 (TV)
10.  TEST 614 (TV)
11.  TEST 615 (TV)
12.  TEST 616 (TV)
13.  TEST 617 (TV)
14.  TEST 618 (TV)
15.  TEST 619 (TV)
16.  TEST 620 (TV)
17.  TEST 621 (TV)
18.  TEST 622 (TV)
19.  TEST 610 (TV)
20.  TEST 611 (TV)
21.  Test 623 (TV)
22.  TEST 605 (TV)
23.  TEST 612 (TV)
24.  TEST 624 (TV)

Free dish tv channel frequency11670 V 29500

Dish channels.

1.  MHRD 17 (TV)
2.  MHRD 18 (TV)
3.  MHRD 19 (TV)
4.  MHRD 20 (TV)
5.  MHRD 21 (TV)
6.  MHRD 22 (TV)
7.  MHRD 23 (TV)
8.  MHRD 24 (TV)
9.  MHRD 25 (TV)
10.  MHRD 26 (TV)
11.  MHRD 27 (TV)
12.  MHRD 28 (TV)
13.  MHRD 29 (TV)
14.  MHRD 30 (TV)
15.  MHRD 31 (TV)
16.  MHRD 32 (TV)
17.  Test 2 (TV)

Number of dd free dish channel: 154.

Radio Channels: 44.

Total dish channels: 198

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Friday, 11 August 2017

YouTube Kids TV app is now available for Android TV: Android TV apps

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Android TV apps. The YouTube Kids app is now available for Android TV. Ask any parent or baby sitter what their weapon is when the kids are too restless or need some peace and quiet for themselves, and YouTube will probably figure in their top 5 answers. But we are also aware of the dangers that the video-sharing network can pose for young people, which is why they created the YouTube Kids application that came out two years ago. But it was only available for smartphones and Android tablets. Now you can let them see on a bigger screen since Google has launched the YouTube Kids TV app for your Android TVs.

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YouTube Kids TV app

If you're still unfamiliar with what YouTube Kids is basically, it provides an intuitive and easy way for kids to view YouTube content specifically for them and now t will become one of the best Android TV apps. It also gives parents or whoever is taking care of the child better control over what the children will see. The videos of the application are divided into four sections: Shows, Music, Learning and Explore. It also has large buttons, side scrolling functions as well as an instant full screen without having to touch anything.

The application settings are in an adults section only where you have to write a code that will give you that assumes the child can not read yet. You can set a timer that will work the device once it is up, as well as turn off the search. However, some features like content blocking and YouTube Network are not yet available in this iteration of the application.

You can download YouTube Kids TV, Android TV apps from the Google Play Store and install it on your Android TV. Problem solved for that game break time you need.

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Amazing TCL New TV 4K UHD Android TV Smart Series C2 and P2M Redefines the smart TV

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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

TCL Launches 4K UHD Android TV Smart Series C2 and P2M in the Indian market. Along with Google certification and Harman Kardon Technology, TCL is ready to redefine the smart TV segment.

Amazing TCL New TV 4K UHD Android TV Smart Series C2 and P2M Redefines the smart TV
TCL Smart Series C2 and P2M TV

TCL, the world's third largest TV maker, launched its new TV series in India in 2017. With the launch of this series C2 and P2M smart TV Android 4K UHD certified by Google, TCL will take the lead in the introduction of the next Smart TV generation bringing Android TV to the Indian market.

TCL 4K UHD Android TV will offer customers a lot of smart features - official Google certification, HDR Pro Harman Kardon speakers, Wide Gamut colour, Netflix and Super Narrow bezel along with an impressive picture and sound quality. Designed to offer customers a first-class experience in large screen entertainment, TCL C2 and P2M Series will be available in two sizes of 65inch and 55inch, respectively.

Praveen Valecha, Regional Director of TCL India commented, "Smart TV is the future of television." With rapid digitalization, there is a paradigm shift in customer preference towards smart features. And is expected to reach Rs 54,000 crore by 2017. These new releases will help us make strong forays into the smart TV market. "

C2 and P2M will be available for pre-bookings on the Amazon platform from August 9 to August 15. The C2 series will be available at INR 109990 / - for 65inch. The other offer, P2M, has a price of INR 99990 for 65 inches and INR 62990 for 55 inches.

The pre-order offers an excellent benefit to the customer - by purchasing 65-inch and 55-inch TCL android TV, customers will get a 32- and a 24-inch TV free respectively. By September, they will also be available at most TCL offline stores and online stores as well.

Mike Chen, Country Manager, TCL Multimedia, said: "The new TCL TV range is a potential gaming changer in the smart TV segment. Both C2 and P2M have exquisite features to give our customers a whole new experience in The experience of the vision of TV.After today, our new products will be available exclusively through Amazon.In a month from September, our products will be available in our stores online and offline.

TCL New TV 4K UHD Android TV Smart functions

The new series has smart features to enhance the viewing experience and abundant content driven by Google Android TV OS, Netflix and more. Android TV OS is certified by Google, which is specially optimized for the television to enjoy high-resolution entertainment on a large screen. With these new releases, TCL would be only the second player in the Indian market to have Google certified Android TV. Both C2 and P2M give users access to a wide range of Google content, such as Google Play Store, Games, Music, Movies and TV, Google Cast and Voice Search.

With the Google Play Store, users can search and install all TV-editing applications for games, movies, shows, music and sports, which are customized for TV with high-resolution display and TV control mode. Google Cast allows users to cast their favourite videos, games and apps from their mobile devices, in full quality to the TV.

With voice search, users do not have to look through the complicated navigation bar or do any tedious typing - they can simply let Google do it for them, giving instructions. What's more is that both C2 and P2M enter with Netflix App, the leading video streaming service provider in the world. This will allow customers to instantly watch thousands of TV episodes and movies with 4K and HDR options. To support the Android TV operating system and the many features that enhance the experience, the new TVs come with strong hardware - A53 1.5Hz central processor, dual Mali T860GPU core, 2.5GB DDR3 RAM and storage 16 GB.

TCL New TV 4K UHD Android TV Enhanced image quality

The new series comes with the guarantee of perfect image quality through HDR Pro, WCG, 4K UHD and Micro Dimming technologies. In the C2 series, the wide range of colour technology can offer the purest LED backlight and display an incredibly wide range of colours to effectively enhance the liveliness and sense of the reality of colours as well as richer layers from the image.

Micro attenuation is designed to achieve great contrast by analysing video content in hundreds of separate areas and adjusting the brightness and darkness of each of them separately. Combining all these technologies on the 4H UHD screen, C2 can deliver an impressive visual experience.

The supreme image quality of the C2 and P2M series is compatible with HDR Pro, which produces dazzling image details with precise reproduction of light and dark tones. Pro allows the hardware and software to fully reach the HDR standard. It delivers perfect HDR image quality and enhances colour richness in dark environments.

Superior sound quality

The new series boasts of the impressive sound quality delivered by Harman Kardon's speakers and Dolby and DTS technologies. C2 offers the best sound experience with Harman Kardon loudspeakers placed in front of the front so that the sound transmits to viewers directly without interference and reduced quality.

Both C2 and P2M have DTS decoding that enables lossless audio decoding and creates a rich sound field that reproduces the sound of live studio recordings. The Dolby decoder is capable of generating surround 5.1 surround sound. TCL's Smart Intelligent Volume feature can automatically adjust the sound volume to eliminate sudden fluctuations in sound, typically experienced when changing channels or during TV commercials.

Smart Design

With the artistic design featuring Super Closing Bevel, TCL C2 - one of the 2017 Reddot Award winners is a piece of magnificent artwork. The slim design combines function and fashion into a supreme show of elegance. P2Mon the hand has gold metal material, super narrow bezel, will provide you with unlimited viewing experience and pure echo sound.

With the inclination of consumer preference towards smart features, the market potential of smart gadgets in India is huge. To strengthen its position in this growing market, TCL launched Movetime in July; A usable device with built-in gesture control technology along with the ability to keep track of calls and messages.

TCL will also soon present its LIFE Home Monitoring Kit smart home solution. This smart security kit will be available with a complete set of smart and discrete products including camera (LIFECAM), door and window sensor (LIFESENSE) and motion detector (LIFEDETECT) that alert users of any intrusion. All peripheral devices will be connected to a central hub and can be accessed through a dedicated application.

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