Friday, 21 November 2014

Online internet TV provider, Which one to choose Netflix or Lightbox

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Spark welcomed Netflix to join the race of providing live internet TV

Lightbox, the Spark which launched the service of providing live streaming of internet TV has welcomed Netflix to start live internet TV service in American also planed to give strong competition  to Spark internet TV by starting its live TV streaming service New Zealand in March next year.

Spark welcomed Netflix to join the race of providing live internet TV

According to Lightbox, they are confident that their service is much valuable and they have much to offer that Netflix can't provide.

Netflix a online TV and movies site with 53 million customers around the world directly competes with both Sky TV and lightbox services of providing Television channels on internet for their users.

Asked how they planned to compete with Netflix content library, Niblock said that we are very confident about our service and about our content. We have such things that Netflix is unable to provide to their users.

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Lightbox also offer Local service offering content from New-Zealand.

Netflix said on its website yesterday that their online live TV streaming services will start in Australia and New Zealand in March. They said that their services would be available in Smart-TV, tablets, smartphones, computers, consoles and set-top boxes.

No details on pricing, but US customers pay about $10 ($12.70) per month. Lightbox bill is $15 per month, while the online TV service Neon of Sky TV charge $20 per month fee when it launches next month.

Sky TV boss John Fellet said it was difficult as the introduction of Netflix is new to the market and how much it will provide competition to their online TV service Neon. This is the case until Netflix announced the catalog available in this country and how much they charge monthly to Kiwis.

Mr. Fellet said that on demand TV and video market is crowded by such service providers in New Zealand and it will be the combination of price, content, usability and service to determine which would dominate.

Internet users in New Zealand managed to get Netflix through the back door.

Slingshot and Orcon Internet companies also began to offer their customers access to the site and similar foreign media this year.

CEO Slingshot Taryn Hamilton was positive about the launch of Netflix: "We want to provide our service worldwide to our customers. was open this service in Newzealand because we wanted to  give Kiwis the opportunity to have access to the same content online - for the same price - that people in other parts of the world have access," he said.

"It's nice to hear Netflix launched in New Zealand soon.

"We hope that the Kiwis would get a good selection of quality content and a price comparable to what the users in the United States get benefit from Netflix," he said.

"And we also expect more services similar to Netflix entry into the local market."
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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Watch adult TV channels in India from thaicom 78.5E

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Adult TV channels on Thaicom 78.5E, Thaicom TV channels all biss key code

  Hello friends as we all know that in Asia, especially in India adult TV channels is banned. There is no such TV satellite service which shows adult TV channels. previously there was REN TV, most popular in India and Asia for their adult content on Yamal 49E. But recently they shifted REN TV to DVB-T2, so the hope of REN TV lovers is over.

Adult TV channels on Thaicom 78.5E, Thaicom TV channels all biss key code
Thaicom 78.5E footprint coverage map

 But if you really love to watch some adult TV channels, you can shift to Thaicom TV satellite. There are many Hollywood movie channels which shows uncencered Hollywood movies. Also there are Sexy women TV on thaicom which shows some late night adult content.

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  TP frequency of Sexy women TV on Thaicom 78.5E

New adult channel in thaicom@78.E 

TP:      3585 v 30000

All Biss Key code for Thaicom 78.5E TV channels

   But wait before you start adjusting your satellite dish Antenna, you should know that all most all TV channels of Thaicom are encrypted with Biss Key. But the good news is that all TV channels have same Biss key code. So just put all 1 in the biss code option and you are ready to enjoy.
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Russian GS group to start DTH TV for Bangladesh next year

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Russia GS Group will Start DTH TV service for Bangladesh next year

Russian technology companies and manufacturers of set-top-boxes GS Group is planing to launch DTH satellite television services in Bangladesh for the first time in the first half of next year as part of a joint venture.

Russia GS Group will Start DTH TV service for Bangladesh next year

St. Petersburg, the head of the Russia broadcasting projects abroad, Sergey Dolgopolskiy SG Group, said that it had reached an agreement with the Bangladesh-based conglomerate Beximco to offer the first satellite DTH in the country and said the test transmissions will begin shortly.

"We hope to have more than 1.5 million subscribers, after five years, but this figure is pessimistic for me.  I think the potential market is much more important than that," said Dolgopolskiy. According to him this will be first ever satellite TV service, DTH service in Bangladesh.

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BG Group holds a 45% stake in the joint direct to home TV service with Beximco, which has interests in a wide range of industries, including textiles, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, real estate and financial services.

GS Group is a provider of technology to the Russian satellite provider Tricolor and is also increasingly on opportunities for foreign TV.

In 2012, GS Group launched a digital TV service in Cambodia, called TV One, with its local partner Royal Group. The company also plans to launch DTH television services in Pakistan and Myanmar to start mainstreaming in all regions, particularly in Africa, Europe and Latin America, with several markets.
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