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Friday, 20 February 2015

Dillagi and Sony Pal added on DD FreeDish more to come

DD Freedish DD DTH can earn 120 million rupees from auctions till March.

DD Freedish, free-to-air DTH of Doordarshan, which was broadcasting 59 channels, but recently dd free dish added two new TV channels on their platform. In addition, dd freedish will add three more channels to its lineup soon, bringing the total number of channels to 64.

DD Freedish DD DTH can earn 120 million rupees from auctions till March.

In fact, another channel TV channel will be added soon on dd free dish platform before the end of this month, the deputy director of CK Jain.

Clarify the situation, Jain said that the 61 television channels are allocated already and three will be assigned shortly. The new TV channels added on DD freedish are Sony Pal and Dillagi.

A total of 20 electronic auctions have been held and recent one this week. DD is hoping for a target of Rs 120 million rupees through these auctions at the end of March this year.

Doordarshan had a minimum price of 3.7 crore for the slot address online in 20th auction, although the bid amount went up to Rs 4.2 million rupees for 17th electronic auction that took place on November 12.

The aim is to reach the goal of 112 TV channels in the coming months.

Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar said recently that the future of Doordarshan was Freedish and digitisation. This also means that more good TV channels will join in dd free-dish and DD direct to home service will become top brand in India.

DD sources also said that any Freedish can be encrypted to keep a tab on the number of users, but currently it is still free-to-air.

Best LED TVs Revealed TV reviews

Best LED TVs Revealed, best led tv 2014 TV reviews.

How Do I Find The Best LED TVs 2015? Bigger? Smaller? Does a heftier price tag indicate a better TV? Will I be able to see from any angle? Will I be satisfied with the color I see? Can I watch my LED TV anytime without having to worry about the glare from the sun?
These are the questions you should be asking, and we will deliver the answers you are seeking.

You were brought here because you’re searching for the best of the best. We have compiled the cream of the crop for you to review and use to your advantage.

Best LED TVs Revealed, best led tv 2014 TV reviews.

The Best LED TVs For The Entertainment Lover:

Sharp LC-70LE73U series

This TV screams, “Bigger and better!”. A whopping 70 inches, this is the best LED TV for gamers and movie lovers. With optimum picture quality, a matte screen with no glare from the sun, and viewing ability from any angle, you’ll feel like you’re at the movie theater- but it won’t hurt your wallet quite as much!

Samsung UND6400 series

Fans of three-dimensional viewing experiences will have a field day with this television. Use Samsung active shutter glasses coupled with a full HD broadcast or a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player to see your favorite shows and movies closer than ever before. 3D not your thing?

This LED TV offers incredible clarity in 2D utilizing an Ultra Clear Panel and advanced dimming technology to produce clearer and brighter colors than ever before. With Samsung’s Allshare, you can access your downloaded photos, music, and movies. This TV is sure to be a crowd pleaser, and a centerpiece of your home.

The Best LED TVs For The Family:


Affordable, a happy medium in size, and durable – this LED TV is ideal for a family. Corning’s Gorilla Glass protects your screen from sticky fingers and flying video-game controllers, while remaining lightweight and frameless all the while. Even YouTube videos can be seen in crystal-clear resolution thanks to the X-Reality PRO technology.

This TV is equipped with Full HD 1080p, so watch your favorite action flick while the kids are sleeping without worrying about motion-blur. Enjoy automatic delivery of apps so you’re never out of the loop! You’ll be the coolest parent on the block and the host of many movie nights with this TV.

Vizio XVT3SV series

This is the best LED TV for a family on a bit of a tight budget! Affordable as ever, it offers all of the perks as a more expensive TV from a bigger and well-known manufacturer. The matte screen makes for a pleasurable viewing experience in even a sun room! There are various inputs for any hook-ups you’d like to make.

The picture quality is nothing less than outstanding- the blackest of blacks, brightest of yellows, and deepest of reds. Contrary to modern day remotes that look as if they’ve been delivered directly from outer-space, the remote is able to be navigated easily by everyone, not just your teenager, and eliminates certain stress of reading and re-reading your instruction manual. The LED TV is extremely lightweight; if you’re short an entertainment center, mount this TV to the wall without any problem. Since it’s so affordable, buy two! Reap the benefits of this TV in your living area and bedroom.

These are the top options of the best selections for entertainment lovers and families. Each TV offers optimum picture quality and the assurance of satisfaction. Study our best LED TV reviews and compare to make the best possible selection for your needs.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Best 42 Inch Flat television screen TVs

Best 42 Inch Flat Screen TVs. A Look at the Best 42 Inch LED LCD Flat Screen TVs.

The best 42 inch LED LCD flat television screen TVs on the market today make wonderful additions to any home and it’s not difficult to see why. LED technology represents some of the best technology out there and if you care about the quality of your television watching experience, then you’re doing the right thing by looking into which of the best 42 inch LED flat screen TVs is right for you and your family.

A Look at the Best 42 Inch LED LCD Flat Screen TVs.

Innovative LED technology offers the picture and color quality you need in order to fully be able to enjoy the latest movies and television broadcasts. If anyone in your family is into gaming, best 42 inch LED flat screen TVs can really deliver there as well. LED flat screen TVs are long-lasting, high-functioning, and just better in every way than anything else on the market. Plus, 42 inches is considered to be the ideal screen size for most uses.

However, knowing you’re in the market for the best 42 inch LED flat television screen TVs and actually choosing one are two different animals. Consider the following options – all available from at bargain prices you have to see to believe – to get your search started on the right foot.

Panasonic VIERA TC-L42U30 42-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV

This incredible offering from Panasonic is without a doubt considered one of the best 42 inch LED flat screen TVs available today and with very good reason. The Viera was engineered especially to do justice to moving pictures, so it’s absolutely ideal for watching sporting events, action movies, and more.

120Hz Motion Picture PRO 4: This feature lends the Viera the ability to display video signals at a staggering 120 frame-per-second rate. This allows for smoother motion picture images at a much higher resolution. Motion Focus Technology helps control flickering and blurring, while eliminating afterimages.

Viera Link: This feature truly sets the Viera apart as one of the best 42 inch LED flat screen TVs through its simplification of a wide selection of AV devices. Operate all of them through the smart Viera remote control after a quick, easy set-up.

Viera Image Viewer: This set is equipped with an SD card slot, so you’ll be able to view your full-HD digital photos and video images right there on your 42 inch television screen. You’ll even be able to add background music and frames if you like!

LG 42LK450 42-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LCD HDTV

If you’re looking for one of the best 42 inch LED flat screen TVs on the market that is not only as technologically advanced as possible, but also energy efficient, you’ll absolutely love this offering from LG. Enjoy the perfect combination of user-friendliness and functionality with the following features.

A 42-inch HDTV panel tv features a whopping 1080p screen resolution and an incredible 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for picture quality unlike anything you’ve ever seen or experienced before. This model also features a handy automatic sensor that helps optimize the picture according to lighting conditions in the room where viewing is going on.

Completely energy efficient according to the US Department of Energy. Energy Star certified to guarantee enjoyment of your new set won’t break the bank or overuse energy in the process.
Consumers rate this set one of the best 42 inch flat screen TVs because of its level of user friendliness. It’s a snap to adjust and fine-tune key picture elements such as brightness, color, tint, black level, and sharpness with LG’s streamlined self-calibration system.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll be limited to network television programming and DVDs with this selection. USB set-up allows you to enjoy your favorite video, music, and image files as well.

TCL L40FHDF12TA 40-Inch 1080p 60 Hz LCD HDTV

If you’re looking for one of the best 42 inch LED flat screen TVs around that won’t break the bank and comes attached to an ironclad warranty to boot, it doesn’t get much better than this pick from TCL. It’s efficient, convenient, and economical – the best of all worlds!

This set features numerous input and output options for the ultimate in flexibility and functionality. Plug-and-Play compatibility allows for even more options when it comes to how you use your set. Enhanced pictures and sound quality thanks to the latest technological advances make this set one of the best 42 inch LED flat television screen TVs for certain. You’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

Efficient features like a channel labeling system and a handy sleep timer for those who like to fall asleep with the TV on allow for incredibly ease of use. Your TV does exactly what you need it to! This set is built specifically to be energy efficient, so it’s a terrific choice if you’re looking for a set that not only doesn’t guzzle energy, but saves you a bundle on your electric bill. You can shop the Best 42 Inch LED LCD TVs on Amazon.

These days, the internet does quite a bit to help us streamline our lives and eliminate hassle in a number of ways. This is especially so when it comes to shopping. However, while you may be well aware of the ability to easily shop for clothing, specialty items, books, or music online, you may not be aware of the fact that it’s a great way to shop the best 42 inch LED flat screen TVs as well.

In fact, large retailers like turn TV shopping into a painless process that is not only convenient, but economical! Shop in the peace and privacy of your own home whenever it’s convenient, whether that’s at three in the morning or on your lunch hour. Browse the best 42 inch LED flat screen TVs in minutes and place your order with just a few mouse clicks. Then just sit back and relax while you wait for your set to be hand-delivered to your front door.

Amazon provides you with access to some of the lowest prices on the market, as well as some of the best variety to boot. Let your fingers do the walking today and get the best values under the sun on today’s best 42 inch flat television screen TVs.