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Sunday, 13 April 2014

SES 8 adds Srilanka dth tv service with boost dishtv

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Srilanka DTH TV started on SES 8 and Dish TV gained 5 transponder from SES TV satellite

Dish TV is reportedly preparing for a DTH services for Sir Lanka with the help of satellite capacity of newly launched SES satellite TV service. SES-8 (launched on December 3) dedicated to both dishtv and Srilanka DTH TV. 

Srilanka DTH TV started on SES 8 and Dish TV gained 5 transponder from SES TV satellite

SES-8 is located with the NSS-6 satellite at 95 ° East, already have the coverage beam on the Indian subcontinent with the signals includes. Dish TV CEO RC Venkateish is giving protocol that Dish TV was looking to add five transponders from SES to increase the current capacity. 

The new rule will be reported as a joint venture between the plate and SATNET Pvt Ltd, in which Dish has a 70 per cent. SATNET Lanka was formerly Star TV is the first satellite Tv service in Sri Lanka for paid TV service

DTH transmissions will take place using Conax encryption. SATNET is the authorized agent for Dish TV.
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Sky PerfecTV will launch 4K HD DTH in June

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SkyPerfecTV to launch 4K HD DTH in June

Japanese viewers can see now 4K ultra HD TV channels in June this year. Together with a consortium of other Japanese broadcasters (under NexTV-Forum nation) is reported that this 4k TV services (4k DTH) certainly start with the Brazilian World Cup, but then continue with other 4K entertainment and factual programming.

SkyPerfect-JSAT, said that key to its on-going strategy is coverage of Japan’s J-League football in 4K.

The announcement was made ​​at MIPTV, dedicated during a week of 4K screenings. Toshiaki Baba television and Promotion Forum explained that the broadcaster of NHK, Nippon TV, TV Asahi, TBS, Fuji TV, JSAT and WOWOW met with SkyPerfecTV to beam their TV channels using its satellite capacity 4K Next Generation programming.

Is driven 4K/60p with "real time HEVC encoding'' and the signals are received on a classic 45cm dish of SkyPerfecTV.

Filming has already wrapped more than a dozen documents about 4K and testing took place in the football and baseball games. March 15 shooting took in a Vegalta Sendai vs football match Gamba Osaka, and again on March 29 in Yokohama Marinos vs Kashima Antlers F. game to cameras, to test positioning and practice workflow.

Katsunari Ito, who SkyPerfect- JSAT said that the key to its ongoing strategy, the coverage of football J-League Japan in 4K ultra HD service.
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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Logitech Living-Room keyboard K830 for smart TV

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Logitech backlit keyboard for Smart TV

Smart TV is great, you can see the media from your computer or the Internet without a PC in the living room. The only bad thing is, with a remote control it is the worst to surf internet or to use social networks.

Logitech keyboard for smart TV. Keyboard is wireless and features a rechargeable battery on board.

Fortunately, products like the new Logitech keyboard K830 makes social networking and surfing sites on HTPC Smart TV makes easy. If you choose this smart TV keyboard, a little easier to enjoy smart TV the most.

The keyboard is wireless and has a built-in battery. The surface is with a Logitech mouse buttons left and right mouse buttons.

The main difference between this and the cheaper the K400 K830 is the backlight and has a light sensor, which reduces the light in the room. It also seems K830 design is quite different-Sage of the recent Keyboard Harmony, and no adapter and IR sensor for this item.

My only complaint is potential and in most keyboards Logitech "free time", i.e no tax specialist media. Not compatible only by pressing a combination of "function key F11" inelegant, but possibly with certain configurations.

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard K830 living room will be available for $99.99 in the United States and Europe in April 2014. It will be available in the UK for £90.
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