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Monday, 23 March 2015

Vitec powerful portable HEVC HD encoder and IPTV solution revealed

Vitec solutions reveals the First World HEVC encoder and portable IPTV in 2015 at NAB Show. First introduced Vitec device 100% hardware-based global HEVC Encoding and Transmission revealed at NAB 2015.

Full HD can provide HD content in 1080p60 video and audio in point-to-point or broadcast point-to-multipoint less than a video frame delay

Vitec, a leading global provider of powerful digital video solutions, will launch new products and promising new technologies for professional video, at the NAB Show 2015 April 13 to 16 at the Las Vegas Convention Center present. Visitors to the booth SL6305 Vitec can register for a chance to win a GoPro camera.

Vitec will stand demonstrations of innovative products and advanced video offering products, including the best video function:

PORTABLE HEVC ENCODER: Vitec introduced MGW Ace - first HEVC 100 percent, based on the hardware device in the world for encoding and streaming. MGW Ace is a compact, portable device capabilities and legacy WEVC/H.264 bandwidth best compression. HEVC/H.265 provides effective video and audio quality on streaming. A wide range of I/O and low power compression chip with HEVC Vitec makes it ideal for streaming video, audio and metadata KLV solution while moving on the ground.

IPTV DISTRIBUTION and monitoring solution: award-winning EZ TV IPTV Vitec system is equipped with a new add-on for IPTV and broadcast monitoring. EZ TV provides analysis and statistics of the live video viewing, recording and reporting performance of all time sequences with IPTV tools. The complete new add-on of EZ TV in the provision of IPTV provides quality and compliance dashboards and alerts to the video, audio and metadata services reliably delivered to customers.

ZERO DELAY STREAMING: MGW Sprint is the fastest MPEG-4 H.264 HD codec for HD world. This professional IPTV system with the ability to encode and decode in less than 10 milliseconds, Full HD can provide HD content in 1080p60 video and audio in point-to-point or broadcast point-to-multipoint less than a video frame delay - almost matching systems of uncompressed video cabling latency. Also on display will be the new and improved MGW mobile encoder family, including premium, Nano, Pico and Nano TOUGH, which are now compatible with Zixi error correction technology.

Portable recorders: Vitec developed FS-H50 / 60/70 are versatile HD H.264 standard portable recorders for workflows and applications that require optimal video quality and video file size. Ideal applications include sporting events, news, reviews, meetings and training, monitoring and exchange of online videos, video sharing and streaming.

Best Solution for streaming: Media Asset Management system PX series Vitec ProxSys enables companies to manage, archive, efficiently and securely together with valuable media assets, both within a company and with third powers. With its smooth operation, easy to use working ProxSys PX series offers the functionality and features are required to safe-guard high and low resolution video and audio files, graphics and data.

HEVC decoder card: HDM850 + is HEVC / H.265 decoder Vitec professional card with back-to-back, smooth playback and precise HEVC, H.264 and MPEG-2 over 3G-SDI or HDMI. HDM850 + is designed for end users and system integrators (SDK also available).

4K MOSAIC GENERATOR: Vitec SDI4Mosaic Extender ™ is the best way to get up to four SDI feeds on a single mosaic screen. SDI4Mosaic convert video source 4K HD-SDI to HDMI standard monitor.

"We are proud on MGW Ace, presenting the first mobile/moveable hardware encoder HEVC," said Philippe Wetzel, CEO of Vitec. "Vitec has always been at the forefront of digital video technologies, and our new hardware compression device shows HEVC the company's strategic decision to lead the revolution and HEVC set the bar very high with the most exciting platform for use in HEVC the field."

For more information about digital video products Vitec visit

About Vitec

Vitec is a leading global provider of innovative digital video products, solutions support end-to-end media for broadcast, businesses, industry, medicine, education, government, military suppliers and Telco customers. Vitec quality and video technology have the landscape, like the video to be processed and shipped all over the world and lead to many major video services in key vertical markets changed. For more information, visit

Saturday, 21 March 2015

TRAI limits dth dish install and activation to RS 350 also refund scheme

TRAI proposes Rs 350 activation limit for DTH connection, dish installation and other DTH TV account activation charges.

According to new TRAI rule, a direct to home TV service provider, DTH operators will not be able to charge for the installation and activation of the device like installing dish antenna, activating set top box etc for more than Rs 350, as per the new draft order of telecoms regulator. The aim of this new order is to provide more power to consumers of DTH services and to provide them the right to shift to any DTH operator they want without any problem. Telecom Regulatory authoritys and India (TRAI) has issued several projects addresses when made in the last rules to protect the interests of cable television subscribers with DTH services.

Any price of DTH operators of all types of equipment to the customer (CPE) offered by his office and the cost of installation and activation if any, must be specified in full. DTH operators can have a vesting period of 3 months to specify all offers and prices for all it offers programs and services they provide. These instructions are provided to subscribers to help without clogging DTH operators with the equipment of a particular service. Customers have the right to shift to any any direct to home TV service they want without changing the set top box. Also denote a place in every district center to the customer premises to provide DTH equipment to consumers.

Each DTH operator provide facilities of better customer-care services to their subscribers and should register the request of surrender of the connection on a toll free number and should display that on their websites. There is no obligation for the DTH operator to make a payment for the returned customer premises equipment after it has been used by the participants for five years. Each DTH equipment should be collected within fifteen days of receipt of the request made by the subscriber, while in seven days, the payment of the refund is to be ensured.

TRAI has invited principles of the comments and views of the stakeholders on March 13, 2015, however, at the request of the parties, the deadline for receipt of written comments was extended up to March 19.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Sling TV added new cahnnels and now available on xbox one

Dish Network TV service Sling added new channels and also now available on Xbox One.

A service of true Apple TV could be launched in June. Until then, the famous Dish Network owned Sling TV continued to add good services and devices that support Sling TV and its content.

Dish Network TV service Sling added new channels and also now available on Xbox One.

According to the news, in this month new TV channels that are A&E, History Channel, H2 and Lifetime will be added to the package of "Best Live TV" basic package. TV Sling will also add two new add-on packages for their customers.

The package "Lifestyle Extra" includes truTV, Cooking Channel, DIY and WE TV. According to the information FYI and LMN will also be added on this package in the next few days. "World News Extra" a Bloomberg TV, HLN, Euro News, France 24, NDTV 24/7 News 18 and Russia Today are the popular TV channels to join Sling TV service soon.

These two new TV packages will replace "News and Info Extra" add-on that previously provided Cooking Channel, DIY, Bloomberg TV and HLN. The existing subscribers of News and Info Extra can receive two new packs for a total of $5 per month.

Also we have a good TV news for Xbox One lovers. Finally Apple Sling TV is now available on Xbox One. Microsoft game console connected to other compatible devices that support Sling TV service like honda television, including Amazon Fuego TV and floor, the current generation of players and Roku, Roku TV models and iOS, Mac, PC and Android can avail the apple sling TV service on their xbox one..

Now Sling TV launches on Xbox One, two exclusive offer for a limited time to be announced for new customers.

Current members of Xbox Live, who are using Xbox One will have to get one month free service of Sling TV after downloading the sling TV app from Xbox One TV Apps Store courtesy of Microsoft application. In addition, the first 5000 customers who buy Xbox ifrom a Microsoft retail store or between 17 March 2015 and 22 March 2015 will get three months free Sling-TV service.

First introduced in January, sling TV is available for $20 for the "Best of Live TV" package available. These include: ESPN, ESPN2, AMC, TNT, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, IFC, El Rey, Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, ABC Family, Disney Channel, CNN and Galavision, A & E, History, H2 and life soon. This package also provides access to WatchESPN service, including ESPN3 and a series of video on-demand (VOD) services.

Also you can watch optional packs of 5 euros each for all TV packs which includes, "Sport extra", "Extra Hollywood", "more children", "extra life" and "World News Extra" In addition to the live entertainment channels and VOD, the users of Apple sling TV can access the contents of the Maker studios.

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple could launch a streaming TV service this year. The service would provide large TV broadcasters such as ABC, CBS and Fox. Other possibilities are popular channels like ESPN and FX. At the start of the service they can offer 25 channels of between $30 or $40 per month cost.

I use Sling TV since its launch, and highly recommend it. The service provides great entertainment at a reasonable price. Best of all, it is available on all of my devices now.

For more information on Sling-TV, You can download the official app from the App Store. For subscription information, please visit the Apple Sling TV website.