Jio DTH in Next Month Check Jio DTH Price, Channel Package and offers

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Dish network satellite television dth ipTV internet TV news Updated at: Friday, February 17, 2017

Reliance is planning to launch JIO DTH services in India soon. Check Jio DTH launch date, and jio Dth price and JIO TV pack. The important news is that Reliance Jio is considering to launch the JIO DTH service with Jio Fiber Broadband. As you may know, Reliance Jio now takes care of the organization of Jio broadband and fiber optic connections in each of the urban areas. Jio sends these organizations after the commercial delivery of Jio 4G. This way, you can expect JIO DTH launch date coming soon.

Jio DTH in Next Month Check Jio DTH Price, Channel Package and offers

Reliance Jio DTH service

As we know, Reliance Jio is the telecommunications administrator, who is still the best known and most known to date. Reliance Telecom Provider has added another service, that is, that Reliance launched a new service called Digital-DTH (IP Television) IPTV with FTTH broadband. Yes, the club is ready to organize its DTH throughout India. It is this new action to start the partnership with its offer Jio TV, which would give 360 channels, 50 of them are HD. The introduction of Jio and its attractive game plans actually make a buzz in the telecom industry, an exceptional competition for the current player in the market.

Reliance Jio DTH service offers

Reliance Telecom offered free calls and the internet to all customers of Jio Sim. In this regard, we expect Jio DTH to accompany the amazing JIO DTH welcome offer, where customers can sit freely in front of the TV for at least 6 months without spending much. Some features of Reliance Jio Dth are given below.

Reliance Jio DTH Set-Top-box feature and configuration. The specs are as follows:

1. Reliance Jio high-quality Android set-top box.

2. More TV channels on Jio DTH channel list.

3. A feature of video recording.

4. Different and excellent service.

5. Content Network video recordings.

6. Video-on-demand.

7. Catch-up TV option.

    The Jio DTH service is still under development and it is expected that it will be launched this year after March. So in fact, you should be fascinated by the fact that Jio is again ready to create new standards in the TV industry!

    Best Hidden Feature of Sky TV Box That You Should Know

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    Dish network satellite television dth ipTV internet TV news Updated at: Monday, February 13, 2017

    Your Sky TV box has a brilliant hidden feature, here is how you can find it. Your Sky TV box has an awesome feature you probably never knew, and here's how it works. Sky Q has a variety of smart features: from built-in applications, Vimeo's on-demand video, and the multi-room wireless Fluid Viewing, there's plenty to do.
    sky q box connections, fluid viewing, sky multiroom
    sky q box connections, fluid viewing, sky multiroom 
    Sky has also confirmed that it is working on a new update that will bring new functionality to Sky Q customers.

    Voice search, a redesigned home page and the ability to record six programs while watching a live TV or on-demand content will be added in the new software update.

    The latter will only work for those who run the 2TB Sky Q hardware , who was previously able to record five programs and see a sixth.

    But chances are, your Sky Q box already has an awesome feature that you did not know.

    Sky Q customers can use their next-generation satellite set-top box like Google ChromeCast.

    For those who do not know, Google ChromeCasts connects to the HDMI port of your HDTV and lets you stream video content from your smartphone, tablet or web browser to the big screen.

    During the launch event, Sky was interested in promoting AirPlay functionality built into Sky Q hardware (which lets you play wireless music from your iPhone, iPad, or desktop iTunes application around the house) but ChromeCast's ability Was hardly mentioned.

    However, by opening the official YouTube app on the iOS device, we were pleasantly surprised to discover that we were able to take over the Sky Q top box and play videos on HD TV.

    Exactly like Google ChromeCast, Sky TV subscribers can record videos in a playlist within the YouTube app and watch them play on television.

    It's a great trick.

    The ability to queue videos is invaluable, especially if you're DJ'ing with music videos to the room.

    And finding your next YouTube video is a lot faster on your smartphone than using the Sky Q remote control keyboard.

    Regrettably, Sky Q users do not get all the functionality they would get with Google ChromeCast stand-alone.

    For example, the Netflix application, which can stream video to ChromeCast, is not able to broadcast to the Sky Q box.

    So, do not throw your Google ChromeCast yet. But regardless, this witty trick could save you time the next time you want to show someone a video clip on your phone.

    We are approaching Sky when we discover the functionality of ChromeCast.

    A Sky spokesman told us: "Sky Q customers have the flexibility to play, browse or search YouTube videos through their phone or tablet, and then play through their Sky Q or Mini box so they can see the Video on your TV.

    "This functionality is currently available with the YouTube app."

    Airtel To Launch Hybrid DTH STB Which Works On WiFi or internet Without Dish

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    Dish network satellite television dth ipTV internet TV news Updated at: Saturday, February 11, 2017

    Airtel is planning to launch a hybrid DTH STB to combat Jio DTH service. Last week, the picture of the Reliance Jio set-top box leaked which confirmed that Jio is planning to launch a direct to home TV service in India and this news shook the entire DTH service providers in India. Now it seems that Airtel is also planning to compete with Jio Dth in this sector.

    Hybrid DTH STB Which Works On WiFi or internet Without Dish

    According to a TelecomTalk report, Airtel will soon launch a hybrid DTH STB to support online surfing and DTH on Wi-Fi or fiber optic cable. We know that Airtel is using the V-fiber Internet service across the country and that the DTH service could also be towed. The report continues that Airtel is in the discussion with the dominant global content provider to consolidate its services with the next DTH service. Earlier, there were rumors that Airtel and Netflix could deliver partner content services. If this proves to be true, it will certainly be a significant disruption in the country.

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         With 24 New TV Channels, DD Free Dish To Go in Encrypted Mode in April

    Obviously, Airtel is trying to start Hybrid DTH set-top-box to gain revenue from the growing online content segment and to revolutionize the telecommunication sector. According to the report, Airtel is in the final testing stage of its new Hybrid DTH set-top boxes, which means that the launch will occur in the near future. Now the Airtel DTH service has 12.5 million customers and is a leading provider in this market segment.

    HDTV platform HD+ launched HD+ ExtraScreen multi-screen App For Mobile Streaming

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    Dish network satellite television dth ipTV internet TV news Updated at: Wednesday, February 08, 2017

    HD+ launches a multi-screen application for DTH channels. German HDTV platform HD+ launched the HD+ ExtraScreen service that allows satellite DTH HD TV channels to stream directly from satellite TV decoders to smartphones and tablets in HD.

    To get HD+ ExtraScreen service that announced in November 2016, viewers will need the satellite TV receiver Humax UHD 4tune+ and HD+ Connect application that is currently available for iOS devices through iTunes. An Android version of this HD+ connect app will available on Google Play soon in 2017.

    HDTV platform HD+ launched HD+ ExtraScreen multi-screen App For Mobile Streaming

    The satellite TV decoder distributes the HD channels within the Wi-Fi home network to mobile devices. Unlike previous SAT-IP solutions, with HD+ ExtraScreen, it is technically possible to transmit encoded HD channels on smartphones and tablets for the first time, regardless of the TV channel running on the TV system.

    The application is free and does not carry advertising; Registration is required to use it. If viewers - in addition to unencrypted HD channels - want to stream HD+ channels on their mobile devices, they must have activated HD+ Smartcard.

    According to Humax, other manufacturers are also trying to integrate the solution into their decoder that is HD+ using the client IP. With Humax and ExtraScreen HD+ Smartphones can be used as secondary TV in homes.

    HD+, a subsidiary of the Astra satellite operator SES wants to add other functions of the HD+ Connect application in the future. With the remote control function, viewers can use their smartphone and tablet as a remote control for the TV. Remote recording lets you set up TV recordings when you're on the go.

    Jio DTH and Jio STB is Expected to Launch in March or April 2017 Details

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    Dish network satellite television dth ipTV internet TV news Updated at: Monday, February 06, 2017

    Jio Dth launch date is coming, leaked image shows Reliance Jio set-top box with round case. Reliance Jio is working for the launch of its JIO DTH service in India and the leaked images of Jio STB (decoder) by Gizmo times confirmed reports that the launch date of Jio DTH service is nearer.

    Jio set top box price, Jio dth plans
    Jio set-top-box

    It was quite a buzz on the internet about Jio Dth. Some say Jio is going to launch its direct to home TV service but some had other views. But after the leaked images of Jio set-top-boxes it is confirmed that jio is planing to rule TV distribution industry too. But it is still not confirmed whether jio is planing a DTH service or an IPTV service via its fast broadband Jio fiber in India.

    The leaked image shows a round-top box that is supposedly connected to Jio fiber or a dish. The picture also shows a button of the remote control having a microphone which shows the presence of features of voice control.

    Unlike other STB devices offered by competitors, the STB of Jio is round in shape and might be the first of its kind.

    For connectivity options Jio STB has an S/PDIF (Sony/Philips digital interface format), an Ethernet port, an HDMI port and a USB port," said Gizmo Times. Jio's logo on the remote indicates that the service is in the final test phase and will be launched shortly.

    The Jio Dth service accorging to rumers is expected be launched in March or April 2017.

    Reliance Jio would have begun to deploy Fiber to the Home Services (FTTH) in Mumbai in mid-January.

    A report from India today  said, there are few buildings in Mumbai where people can subscribe to the service after the completion of the cable installation for Jio Fiber , which began in November the last year.
    As Jio Reliance plans to build its digital ecosystem via mobile services and now with its Jio Dth service. Jio is already offering live internet TV via an app called Jio TV.