ASIASAT 3S (105.5E) KU band signal on 60cm dish.

New update ZEE CINEMA HD fta channel added on asiasat3s

The signal strength  of asia sat3s is just like insat 4 b/nss6.
Around above 65... You can easily catch on your dd dth dish and receiver.
AsiaSat 3S provide a good coverage for the East Asia and South Asia region.

Asiasat 3s foot print satellite coverage map to watch satellite Tv channels
Asiasat 3s footprint coverage map

Freq : 12351 S/R : 30000 Pol : V


Freq : 12683 S/R : 5800 Pol : V

Freq : 12377 S/R : 3100 Pol : V
Freq : 12381 S/R : 3100 Pol : V
Freq : 12464 S/R : 3100 Pol : V
Freq : 12468 S/R : 2900 Pol : V
Freq : 12676 S/R : 3100 Pol : V 

  It is really easy to catch... If you have a NSS6/InsatB Ku band dish just move to left side...(north side) signals come easily.

TRY IT.....i am receiving 30 channels in ASIASAT 3S (105.5E)

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Anonymous said... 31 January 2013 at 23:05

Can I watch QTV in Mumbai using DD DTH Dish ?

channel Details
ASIASAT 3S orbital location 105.5® EAST
Frequency: 4060MHz
Symbol Rate: 26666 ksps
Polarity: Vertical,
FEC: ¾,
Modulation: QPSK

Anonymous said... 3 August 2013 at 02:49

Is it possible to catch insat 4 b/nss6 in one lnb and asiasat 3s in another lnb in one sngle 60cm dish??

waseem ahmed said... 4 August 2013 at 06:03

No, it is not possible to receive QTV on DD DTH Dish. Qtv is a C band TV channel on asiasat 3s. Your DTH dish can only anbe to receive KU band TV channels. If you want to receive C band channels you have to buy a C band Satellite dish, or a Parabolic Offset diah with a c band LNB. Hope this will help you.

waseem ahmed said... 4 August 2013 at 06:08

Your answer is no. Insat 4b and NSS is located at 95E and Asiasat 3s is at 105E. You cannot catch these two birds with a small satellite dish like DD Direct TV dish. With dish tv combo Dish you can receive insat 4b and asiasat5 located at 100E. But you cannot receive asiasat3s satellite.

Irshad Ali said... 12 March 2014 at 03:36

i have a 6 feet, c band dish installed for asiasat 3s,
now i also want asiasat 3s KU band signals on the same dish,
can i use dual band lnb (KU and C Band).
or do i need to change antenna as well.

waseem ahmed said... 12 March 2014 at 18:57

HI Irshad, yea you can receive both C band and KU band TV channels with duel KU plus C band LNB of same satellite. But here is a problem. Almost all KU band channels of AsiaSat3s are left. So, wait till new TV channels added on Asiasat3s.

Anonymous said... 7 January 2015 at 05:19

Can I watch playboy channel using DD DTH Dish ?

Vyankatesh Yannawar said... 8 January 2015 at 03:33

Can i watch paid channels on free to air dth

waseem ahmed said... 8 January 2015 at 06:17

No you can not watch playboy TV channel on dd DTH dish

Bisma Rahuaib said... 10 January 2015 at 02:55

Can i watch fta chanells of pakistan in indian accpied kashmir on 60 Cm dish if yes what i have to do plz

waseem ahmed said... 10 January 2015 at 04:14

Sorry Bisma you can not watch Pakistani Television channel with 60cm dish. On Paksat 1r there is only one in KU band and that is a news TV channel. But if you have dd freedish or other dth dish you can watch some hollywood movie TV channel from yahsat1r.

waseem ahmed said... 11 January 2015 at 06:48

set install your dish to yahsat 52.2 degree East. There you can get over 100 Television Stations. Also you can try AfganSat 48 degree East and there you can get Afganistan Television services.

Anies said... 6 February 2015 at 08:42

Hi waseem. CAn i get haditv in india kashmir using dth dish if yes how pls assist anieshussaini@gmail.com

Anonymous said... 17 June 2015 at 23:07

Hi i m biplob from bangladesh. I stay in ctg. Div. I have 60 cm ku band dish. Now i settings insat 4b. Now i have a question which another ku band sat. Programme can i watch?

FEROZ KHAN said... 10 November 2015 at 21:50

plzz add dth free home ary qtv and mandni channel plz plz add sir ji islamic lok
o ke laiye

Unknown said... 6 January 2016 at 05:45

Hi Im indika from sri lanka. I have 60cm dia dish can I watch free channels.