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Saturday, 7 December 2013

120 dd direct plus new channels will come after 31 march 2014


Doordarshan DTH, Direct to home TV (Free Dish) to expand the 59-120 DTH channels

Doordarshan DTH is getting serious in the direct to home TV (DTH ) platform. The public broadcaster has been in the field of DTH since long, DD Direct began in 2004 with 17 satellite channel list and completed 10 years.

DD free dish network schedule to expand TV channels to 120

With the digitization panning Tier II and III cities, the effective meters Doordarshan is all set to increase the number of channels to about 120. The aim behind this is to increase the maximum gain customers, there is a large number of open channels to be added in DD Free Dish.

In an interview with Exchange4Media, Ranjan P Thakur, Deputy Director General, of Doordarshan said, "The reason why we are expanding to 120 channels is because we recognize that the market is mainly focused on regional channels and that's where the growth is, we have a large number of channels in Hindi, but not enough regional channels. Therefore a wide bouquet of channels will allow us to gain more regional Tv channels which bring in more viewers."

He said, "It is a platform for free-trade agreements and cater to the lower half of society, many more channels are opportunities for the public and aussi value for money, how to create it for the life time free, which is a major attraction."

Orders were placed and transport aussi HAS-sanctioned. The new bouquet of 120 satellite channel list will start from 31 Of March 2014.

Currently, Doordarshan dth(DD Free Dish) has base of 20 million Satellite decoders. Currently, it offers 59 channels, including 21 channels of DD, as well as 38 satellite channel list of various genres, as entertainment, musical, devotional, educational, and international news channels in free direct to home TV.
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  1. can I have list of new channel going to add in march 2014 , how many regional language is considered in south

  2. aaj 31 march kab hoga 120 channel


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