Thursday, 17 September 2015

4K DTH TV streaming in India will launch in 2016 by Samsung Tizen OS

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4K DTH TV streaming in India will launch in 2016 by Samsung Tizen OS

4K DTH TV streaming in India will make its mark in 2016 by Samsung Tizen OS. It may too early to talk about the future of 4K DTH TV in India, but surely we can expect in 2016, a lot better to be around for the display technology that we've seen. Samsung is known for its 4K and SUHD TV system and Airtel DTH is also looking to better their 4K dth service and quality ever seen on television.

4K DTH TV streaming in India will launch in 2016 by Samsung Tizen OS

Airtel now ensures that the content gets pushed at a much faster rate than what is pressed at this time. Over the past two years, the direct transmission is a popular platform for culture of households TV. And to make things clear 4K, it is said that big names like Samsung and Airtel are joing hands to provide best 4K TV service in India.

This is hardly surprising, but what is interesting to note the way in which Samsung is intended for 4K content is ready to be offered to the public. The Korean brand uses the operating system Tizen, which is alredy used bu Samsung in their Smart TV and 4K TV and helping Airtel for the propagation of 4K TV content next year.

The same has been confirmed by Airtel in Tizen Developer Summit this year, and Samsung is still responsible for the provision of DTH providers with hardware and software support. While 4K technology has been around for a while in the country, but the quality of 4K content is not up to the mark till now and the demand for content is more than obvious.

Apparently Samsung is improving its operating system Tizen for the new TVs for better display of 4K content. In addition to providing content, Tizen will offer Airtel the possibility of their own set of applications on the App Store on the Samsung 4K TV series.

Airtel will launch its new UHD decoders later this years. So 2016 could be the basis for 4K revolution in India and we are eagerly waiting for the new improved 4K dth streaming in India.

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