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Saturday, 27 September 2014

20 free to air TV channels on mobile in India Mobile dth by parsar bharti

Prasar Bharti Broadcasting TV plans on mobile phones next year to provide Doordarshan, "digital TV India"

The public broadcaster Doordarshan plans, with the exhibition directly a bouquet of 20 TV channels in partnership with private media companies for mobile phones next year. 
"Today you have the choice of digital dth, cable and antenna's. Fourth opportunity will come from 20 free TV channels next year on the mobile phones", Prasar Bharti official Jawhar Sircar Executive Chairman said reporters at margin CII summit big picture.

20 free to air TV channels on mobile in India Mobile dth by parsar bharti
Mobile dth by parsar bharti

The service on the phone will start in Mumbai and Delhi.

Doordarshan will use DVB-T2 Lite technology, which can be reached by a dongle at the moment.

"The goal is with all FTA channels, the platform in our DTH then private company asked to come to form a partnership for pay TV channels accessible by a dongle.

DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial) transmitted from the TV towers and mobile Internet to watch live television channels. The transmission is facilitated by an application which acts as a switch for TV service on mobile phones.

"Now you can not watch TV for 10 to 12 hours. Most things that happen in any tablet or mobile phones. So many people travel every day and they can watch TV channels on their mobile phone as long as battery remains without having to pay for the service. This free television service is financed by advertising revenue", Sircar said.

He said it is not expected that India will have around 225 million smartphones later this year and is now expected to be around 185-190 million, which is huge and more than the population of many countries have.

"Digital terrestrial TV is very popular in Europe through to cost-effectiveness. This is an offer that I'm using. When 44 countries working on land, why it junking?" Sircar said.

And now the public broadcaster Doordarshan, beginning with private media companies the end of next year, the exhibition is a series of 20 free channels directly on your mobile phone plans in cooperation.

Today you have a choice of cable, antenna and satellite TV. Now the fourth option is via digital terrestrial antenna (DVBT2)comes to offer 20 free TV channels next year on the mobile phones.

Doordarshan take DVB-T2 Lite technology, which can be reached by a safety device dongle at the moment.

"The goal is to start with all operating our DTH platform open channels. We ask private companies to come and have a partnership. Accessible by a security time today. And collect telecommunications companies to integrate your cell phone," Sircar said.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Turn old tv into a media center with plex media servers

Turn your TV into a media center for only $70 with best media server software

Plex Media Servers Open Source has released a delicious day, its lead over competing solutions for the TV media center by launching a web based dongle for TVs.

Turn your TV into a media center for only $70 with best media server software

Using a PC or Mac with a certain humility, a dongle device of only $70 and an old TV with an HDMI port, Plex creates a smooth, media center with internet.

Start with the basics. Plex organized files of movies, photos and music on a hard drive and make the library tidy format with DVD and CD cover on the screen.

It is more like browsing movies in a library trawling through computer files, with the exception that you speed up the search, if you know what you are looking for. Select a media and you can watch on your PC or Mac, or to hear that the content is hosted or on a wireless network or even the internet file. Watch a video tutorial in the TV conference room, I suppose later on the PC, continue on your iPhone on the train, and after finishing dinner at an Android tablet. The server remembers where you left off each time it is played from there.

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In its latest version of Plex, Google Chrome Cast dongle also supported. Chrome Cast not yet been released in Australia, but for about $70, you can import an e-mail forwarding service like Connect to a HDMI port on any TV and assuming that it manually a wireless network can conect Plex media servers with a smartphone app as a remote control directly stream content to your TV.

You do not need a dongle of Chrome Cast if you paid for a high-end Samsung Smart TV. You can now wirelessly with Plex server. But if you want to take advantage of the unbeatable price of basic screens, the ability to add an upgrade from $70 to Plex ability is very attractive.

Plex, yes, free, and modest hardware is required, it is difficult to know why add a company that does not deal with audio, video or image files, a media server on the network. Available with the brand 55 inch panels under $900 LED space, on-site training in the tightest budget. We are also downloading media server in our specifications and packing a Chrome Cast dongle into our portfolio so that we can always count on a screen with HDMI input, we can create a video or slideshow project .

Copyright update

More Chrome Cast Plex will really come into their own when the law of Australia updated copyright and allow reformatting the DVD to the hard disk for your personal use. Those of us with walls of shelves for the movie collections are free to upload large libraries in Plex and enjoy what we paid, if you decide you should in the living room a large sign or iPad in bed.

The first users who want the law of copyright, the practice of creating a Medienzentrumvor overtaken the reality of the 21st Century is beginning with public domain movies, is free of charge available online. Download content and a copy of a free program called MakeMKV, the eponymous multimedia MKV files makes to other video formats. Plex can handle other types of MKV files, but it seems to work better. Please read the online manual of Plex, because everything depends on naming their films in a special way. Follow the rules and enjoy your library soon. For a few dollars per month, or $US75 ($82.50) fee for life, can Plex user to a service called Plexpass quality, support for Chrome Cast provided a few months ago to subscribe. Plexpass members enjoy another new feature called discharge chamber where the photos snapped on a phone or tablet wireless downloaded on Plex media servers. Plexpass allows users to share their media libraries with other people over the internet.

Open source developers are platform-independent and that usually goes with Plex. The server runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and transmit to one of them, or iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Thank you, Chrome Cast bolt Plex is compatible with any TV late model, and when Chrome cast will officially launch in Australia to life it can give access the users on streaming content from a variety of online vendors.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Weather channel directv dropped on tuesday in dispute

Weather Channel on DirecTV dropped in the middle of contract dispute

The Weather Channel DirecTV has disappeared from the DirecTV channels area shortly after midnight Tuesday, the latest escalation involved in a negotiation.

Direct tv weather channel station number goes blank on Tuesday after long dispute with directv

DirecTV (DTV, Fortune 500), the largest U.S. retailer satellite TV seems the weather channel with a 24-hour Weather Channel of nation that DirecTV has been replaced promoted as an alternative.

"This is unprecedented in the Weather Channel," said David Kenny, managing director of the parent company of The Weather Channel . "In our 32 years we have never had a major disruption due to the inability to reach an agreement on the transport."

Usually when cable channels and distributors in the war for money, both parties warn customers that a fault can be a disadvantage. This time the weather channel says that it will be very dangerous.

The chain has the support of the public trying to remind people that this, A life-threatening emergency in bad weather.

"The Weather Channel is just another TV channel. This is an indispensable resource that keeps families safe," proclaimed by

In the channel sinister game is to write a "vital community resources to save lives" for 20 million households.

The Weather Channel is displaying messages of support from residents in communities affected by tornadoes and representatives of groups of emergency management.
It is a letter to Jim Cantore, a channel famous meteorologist, who said it would be irresponsible to be DirecTV also in circulation, "deny viewers access to critical and potentially vital in times of bad weather information."

The strategy is provocative because it looks like DirecTV indifferent to the safety of customers.
Kenny in an interview before the failure, said the strategy "is a strong argument, and I think it resonates because it's true."

DirecTV, of course, is not true. Dan York, Director of the content for the company, said on Monday afternoon that "things were relatively quiet" between the two parties, and that a "significant gap" remains. "But we hope that we find a way to reach an agreement," York said.

York and other leaders of DirecTV say that, in contrast to the position of the Weather Channel, there are many other sources of news time urgency these days, including Weather nation.
"If information is available everywhere, it is not necessary that people have to pay a premium," said York in a phone interview.

He assured that the weather channel is dedicated to the 40 percent of its programming to reality shows.

The Weather Channel says the offending comment on reality TV programs is unfair to resent how recently the live coverage and marginalized some of the recorded programs, frustrated the loyal viewers.

Usually, when these conflicts come to light, it is because the owner of a chain requires a large increase in pay for a channel.

But in this case, Kenny said, the weather channel just looking for an increase of one cent per customer. DirecTV said, "we  wanted to lower our prices." (The market research firm SNL Kagan estimates that the dealer channel currently costs about 13 cents per customer per month.)

York, refused to enter the specific financial terms, but the desired increase Weather Channel is "much more than" a penny figure.

The Weather Channel was released on Friday with a campaign against DirecTV. The company said its anti-DirecTV website has over 700,000 page views and generated nearly 150,000 calls phone banks to call DirecTV.

Although Yorkers do not agree with the assertions of the Weather Channel about the possibility of viewers of information in an emergency, recognized deprive made​​: He has never seen a marketing campaign.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Aereo internet tv providers now available on android devices

Internettv, TV-over-Internet Service Aereo now come to Android

Aereo, a service that offers Internet TV to watch tv online, now available for Android devices on 22 October.

Aereo Internet TV Providers Now Available On Android Devices

The Aereo internet tv providers service to watch tv online began on iPhones and other Apple devices with Roku box before spreading to PCs. The company says that the offer for Android took longer because of the many versions of Android available. Device manufacturers are able to adjust the version made ​​by Google.

Aereo says its Android application works on phones and tablets with Android 4.2 or higher. It is in beta testing in the first place .

On iPhones and iPads, Aereo internet tv providers is accessible through the web browser of the device. Aereo has decided to offer customers a consistent experience in a wide range of devices to develop a stand-alone application for Android to watch tv online.

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 Aereo TV signals converted to computer data and sends it over the Internet to subscriber's computers and mobile devices. Subscribers can view the channels live or recording with a DVR over the Internet. More channels on the Participants outdoor market offers financial Aereo Bloomberg TV cable channel.

Aereo is currently available in New York, Boston, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Miami, Houston and Dallas. It plans at least 26 other markets to expand next year. The service starts at $8 per month.

Aereo internet tv providers won key saves against broadcasters who breach their duty to reach any copyright . The victories are to end a failure in Boston on Tuesday the request for the ABC station WCVB an injunction to Aereo service . But the judge also rejected Boston Aereo request to move the case to New York, where Aereo at the appellate level in two similar lawsuits prevailed .

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Google offers Internet TV with Chrome cast TV

Google offers Internet TV by Chrome Cast - Google internet TV device

Internet search giant Google Inc. (GOOG) has called recently launched ChromeCast dongle black plastic, which can be connected to the HDMI terminal on the TV for Internet TV and other content in real time via Wi-Fi access. Google sells the device for $ 35th Be the best device to the Internet, to bring the TV could be easily bought Chromecast spontaneously.

Google offers Internet TV by Chrome Cast - Google internet TV device

Chromecast works with mobile devices based on Google Android and powered by the Apple Inc. (AAPL) iOS. While the addition of music like Pandora will be available soon, currently streaming bought the device visible content on the Google Chrome browser, including YouTube videos, content from Google Play and TV shows and movies streaming Netflix (NFLX).

In fact, Google offers a free 3-month trial of Netflix video streaming services with them and free online tv channels, which makes it particularly attractive as Netflix Emmy nominations. The device is available at, and Google Play.

The device streaming video on mainstream TV (via the transmission is being done on computers, tablets and smartphones. Chromecast with Google is trying to make its way into the living rooms of people. Technology companies to focus on digital entertainment space at home for a while, not only because of growth prospects, but also for many new technologies, including cloud.

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However, competition will be fierce, and most large companies foraying in the technology sector to similar Internet video programming with Google internet TV device. Google is competing sells its own set-top box called Apple TV, Roku and other devices for the distribution of content, including game consoles like Xbox and Playstation with Apple Inc.

In addition, Amazon (AMZN) has also entered this space with their own set-top box. The chip maker Intel Corp. (INTC), is also eyeing the space and plans its own TV service and Internet set-top-box or Google internet android TV box, which she accompanies start. If Google can past to sharpen other giants of technology on the market attractive home entertainment is still wait and see history.

In the second quarter of fiscal year 2013, Google announced strong earnings of $ 7.81 per share, which missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $ 1.23 or 13.7%. Gross income from Google (including traffic acquisition costs [TAC]) amounted to 14.1 billion U.S. dollars, up sequentially and year on year by 1.0% and 19.5%, respectively. Autonomous sales increased by 1.2% Google sequentially and 19.5% on the previous year, but the growth rates remain behind Motorola.

Google Chrome cast TV has a Zacks Rank # 5 (Strong Sell).

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Fox Sports TV Everywhere App is Postponed as ESPN updated iPad Apps

Fox sports channel TV Everywhere is not a show as ESPN beefs up iPad Apps

Fox said that their Tv anywhere app is still in the testing phase, the live broadcast of the service of streaming Fox Sports to ensure shifted his "rock solid" Fox Sports indefinitely the introduction of TV Everywhere service partner for Fox Sports 1. Sit all day Saturday 90 million homes while ESPN has released an update to its iPad app WatchESPN adds Live View with function improved.
Fox sports channel Tv anywhere app is not a show as ESPN beefs up iPad Apps

When Fox announced plans FS1 said in March that the service will be launched simultaneously with the TV channel Fox Sports to life. Internet streaming service around 1100 live matches and events each year throughout Fox Sports, Fox Sports offer 1 and 22 regional sports networks, the company said.

But Fox still in the testing phase for the TV Everywhere and work to ensure that the problems are "rock solid," Rep. Chris Bellitti Fox Sports said. "We have decided to wait, providing a glimpse Are. Development."

Fox Sports is "one of the most complex applications, the tv anywhere app were created," he added Bellitti. "We have over 230 TV broadcast and cable, taking regional cuisine and authentication in all our ways."

ESPN, a cable machine, the most expensive line, currently offers WatchESPN across multiple devices and operators. The two main DTH service that also add WatchESPN are DirecTV and Dish Network.

The WatchESPN app for iPad update adds a toolbar live statistics, results, fast live channels and movies on demand, which are accessible from the tabs at the bottom of the screen. The "Top Videos" feature for the first time WatchESPN on Apple TV allows users to clip the letter spilled mode at the same time to see how the live broadcasts.

A further improvement of the iPad app, as well as the version of WatchESPN for iPhone and iPod touch devices, a list of programs live on ESPN and ABC events that leads users to the app protection for access to ABC content.

On Thursday announced that fox sports channel, Fox Sports 1 is conducted in all major pay-TV distributors such as DirecTV, Dish Network and Time Warner Cable - later that had not signed earlier this week to carry the channel. But the three debut FS1 are the predecessor of the Speed ​​Channel, the sources in the context of agreements.

Tv anywhere app, which is presented as "an innovative mobile sports experience," is expected for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and web browsers. In addition to live streaming video, Fox sports channel also offer scores, summaries, news, statistics and other content.

Fox recorded in June 2011 that the domain database of Network Solutions. "The website is now online.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

How To Watch Satellite TV On the Computer internet tv

How to Watch Satellite TV on PC internet tv

Satellite TV is very popular today. Many people consider capabilities of HDTV satellite TV on the computer. A new and emerging technology on the market is the satellite TV for PC. This means that you can now watch satellite TV on computer, without all of the ups and flat receiver. Satellite Direct TV is the television of the future, but the current generation of our products do not offer more promise than anything else. It is a well designed scam!

How To Watch Satellite TV On the Computer internet tv

See steps to watch Satellite TV on PC internet tv

Find the right software. There are many satellite TV for PC product that allows you to watch TV on your PC. It is therefore very important to really get the most for your money. So the first thing I would say is start researching the different programs available. Beware of scams - Stream Direct TV is a scam. Repack free installation unusable and charged by subsidiaries software.

Once you have found the right software, you should buy it such as tv ├╝ber pc. But i strongly recommend you to first Google about the users review about the software.

Download the software to your computer satellite TV software on the PC software as PC satellite TV is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems known install the software on the hard drive.

Start the software.

Hang your favorite channels after tuning, which is also up to 3000 channels, including various information, pay-per-view, adult programming, etc.

Enjoy satellite TV on your PC. They are part of the more than 1 million others who enjoy watching satellite TV on your PC.

Tips and Warnings

Satellite TV series recommended player to watch TV on the computer.
The requirements are not as high, so if you have a decent computer is a Pentium 3 or higher, you should have no problem.

Make sure that your system is compatible with PC Satellite TV software.
There are many scammers who try to sell defective satellite TV programs on satellite TV software for PC or mac. You actually loose your money and give you a solid software.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Dish TV new features Live TV on mobile

Dish TV  new features live TV on mobile without internet

Dish Network on Monday unveiled new products and features that is easier for the customer to be seen promised their channels anywhere, even without a broadband connection that is live tv on mobile.

They found that consumers want their video content is reasonable, easy to use and accessible from anywhere, and of course dishes, CEO Joe Clayton said. With the introduction of satellite television provider in the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Hopper HD DVR Douglas County Company, and teammate Joey based digital set-top box, announced at CES last year with the pre-launch companies drilled around two million households in less than a year.

Hopper 2nd Generation Mix Sling technology allows users to analyze the content on smartphones and tablets via the live tv on mobile application and a broadband connection. A transfer Hopper, known films user records not edit television funnel set-top box with hanger for the iPad for testing, if the Internet connection is available.

Monday was press day at CES with major announcements exhibitors shredding products, the business of buying and selling, with a large amount of exhibitors 3300 total runs Tuesday all Friday.

Clayton is assumed that viewers. Dishe antennas, with a total of 14 million subscribers, satellite TV, to disclose information about their mobile broadband plans in the event of the analysts and the press in the future open

Denver Post in an interview to Clayton remain open all alternatives on the radio, as well as contract and prepaid services to watch live tv.

Understand all the decisions allegedly for him. The landscape changes dramatically wireless, and I think that they are well placed to help because they have a difficult balance, as well as a number of great value. And the client, as it moves.

He assumed that Dish to promote the organization controls addressable what participants are to provide advertisements besieged studies plans.

A spouse, partner and two young children, you can send a message of diapers for her, but not the Viagra commercial natural for him. This is what they talk Cover advertising to the general public is not very efficient from a financial perspective.

Courts President Charlie Ergen was a press conference, but not before the audience.

Only one of the main topics displays at CES 2013 is the way Samsung transcribed year he began a series of gadgets winning customers in the famous Smartphone
Galaxy S III.

During the press conference, the huge electronic-based televisions, perhaps in response to reports that Apple is preparing to go to the living room with a TV for Apple.

Samsung has detect an actual TV-powered smartphone from the F8000 and kit size that the client can update the old TVs unveiled known.

F8000 is the seat of which is in the vicinity of the thumb. It has the distinction of S-words constitute recommendation and respond to voice search. No more awkward with TV Guides.

Samsung development kit simply snaps onto the back of the Samsung TV former mostly give this movement a brain to add the quad-core processor, and additional features like live tv on mobile.

The company even  launched Ultra HD live TV 110 inch, the HD is four times higher than normal.

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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Dish Network Launched Hopper Device For TV Everywhere

Sling-tech equipment is added to Dish, now watch TV Everywhere

Dish Network Corp., the second largest provider of satellite TV said, Hopper  a new decoder is installed on the system of Sling Media, the customers to watch live TV possible on a wide range of mobile devices.

Dish on technology acquired in 2007 based on what the audience has a "TV Everywhere" experience, the company said Monday. Approach differs from the approach by competition from the courts, including Comcast Corp., DirecTV and Time Warner Cable Inc., have built up their mobile offerings accepted by establishing contracts with programmers for a long time.

Sling-tech equipment is added to Dish, now watch TV Everywhere

The updated set-top box unveiled Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a new standard for clients court. It is the first product of a great TV providers, offers users the ability to display the built-in channels, live shows on a list of all PCs, smartphones and tablets. For almost eight years, Sling Media has a separate box that allows users to watch TV on the Internet connected devices offered.

"Anyone who says TV Everywhere ', but basically started Sling" said CEO Joseph Clayton said in an interview. "This is really television always and everywhere, at home and 
away from home."

Sling improved hopper is available at the end of January and will be free to sign for customers, the two-year contract for a few bouquets packages of channels. Users must download a separate application anywhere on their mobile devices and enter a user name and password authorized to access mobile TV to its lineup. Dishes Anywhere is available for Apple and Google Inc. Android devices.

Cable companies and DirectTV, the largest U.S. provider of satellite TV, spent years on individual contracts with companies such as Walt Disney Co. programming, CBS Corp. and NBC Universal, Comcast to take to obtain the rights for the programming line. The result was a mixture of access to the application and not directly to specific channels and others. In some cases, consumers pay a premium for programming a mobile device.
This approach avoids courts Sling this process, said Vivek Khemka, president of product management dishwasher.

"This is unique in the industry pay," he said. "How you pay double for their own content."

The danger is that cable networks and broadcast calls for the company to pay for the mobile rights in their programs. Dish is preparing for a legal battle, said Clayton.

"We try to stay ahead of the existing technology," said Clayton. "While this means that. Some studies, OK"

Sling Media Inc. dishwasher acquired over five years for about $ 380 million. The device now separated as a division of EchoStar Corp., arm set-top box manufacturing disc in 2008. The billionaire Charlie Ergen, founder of the plate and is the president of both companies.

Dish, based in Englewood, Colorado prepared to show a "massive campaign", the mobile client capabilities of the funnel again, Clayton said.

The decoder allows users to transfer recorded programs directly on the Tablet PC for later viewing in any environment - with or without a wireless signal. The property is ideal for the plane, which is illustrated by Clayton told TV ads showing "Boys from Boston" flat Pitchmen funnel, or "The Hawpah" offer in ads last year.

"We use the ranch in the hopper, and it is expanding," said Clayton. "It will be an evolution of the hopper capacity and functionality."

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Watch Free Live TV On Your PC

Watch live TV on your computer free of charge

You now can watch television on your PCs for free simply by using a VLC player.

Step 1: First of all you need to have the VLC player, if you have no vlc player kindly download and install that on your computer to watch free TV.

Watch live TV on your computer free of charge  You now can watch television on your PCs for free

Step 2: time now is open VLC Player and choose streaming option from the media menu present in the menu bar.

Step 3: Select network option and enter the url of the streaming channel. For example, if you wish watch B4U Music you must add url rtsp :/ / playlist/ch12zqcif.3gp / in the URL field and choose play option from the drop down menu stream.

Step 4: After you click Play in the previous step, the channel will start streaming and you can watch your favorite channels.

Here is the list of many other TV channels who loves to watch

"Channel Name NDTV rtsp://
NDTV Profit rtsp://
Times Now rtsp://
Aaj Tak rtsp://
CNBC Aawaz rtsp://
CNBC TV 18 rtsp://
Headlines Today rtsp://
NDTV 24×7 rtsp://

NK News rtsp://
RAJ News rtsp://
ETV rtsp://
Studio N rtsp://
SVBC rtsp://
Zoo Vision rtsp://
B4u Music rtsp://
iMusic rtsp://
Zee Tamil rtsp://
Zee Kannad rtsp://
Zee Bangla rtsp://
Music Box rtsp://
Bella Tv rtsp://
Fashion Tv rtsp://
Adventure rtsp://
Horror rtsp://
Comedy rtsp://
Classic rtsp://
Crime rtsp://
Mystery rtsp://
Clubbing Tv rtsp://"

   If you want more streaming links of your favorite television channel to watch for free. Just search the Google or simply ask me in the comment section. I will provide you the streaming URL of your favorite channel.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

ASIASAT 3S (105.5E) KU band signal in 60cm dish

ASIASAT 3S (105.5E) KU band signal on 60cm dish

New update ZEE CINEMA HD fta channel added on asiasat3s

The signal strength  of asia sat3s is just like insat 4 b/nss6.
Around above 65... You can easily catch on your dd dth dish and receiver.
AsiaSat 3S provide a good coverage for the East Asia and South Asia region.

Asiasat 3s foot print satellite coverage map to watch satellite Tv channels
Asiasat 3s footprint coverage map

Freq : 12351 S/R : 30000 Pol : V


Freq : 12683 S/R : 5800 Pol : V

Freq : 12377 S/R : 3100 Pol : V
Freq : 12381 S/R : 3100 Pol : V
Freq : 12464 S/R : 3100 Pol : V
Freq : 12468 S/R : 2900 Pol : V
Freq : 12676 S/R : 3100 Pol : V 

  It is really easy to catch... If you have a NSS6/InsatB Ku band dish just move to left side...(north side) signals come easily.

TRY IT.....i am receiving 30 channels in ASIASAT 3S (105.5E)