Airtel DTH moving to new satellite more new HD channels

Dear All,

In our endevour to provide best in class services and products, we are undertaking a capacity enhancement activity for all our valued customers.

1. New acquisition process:

All new acquisitions to happen on new Satellite SES7.

2. Benefits to our customers:

Many more choice of channels can be added post this enhancement - we are adding nearly 30 channels in the next few days itself.
Enhanced picture clarity and better viewing experience
Many new High Definition channels are planned and likely to be added in next few weeks / months.

3. Date of Rollout : 3rd March, 2011(All activations will happen on New Satellite SES 7 by default)

4. What has to be done:
All new acquisitions on New Satellite - 3rd March 2011, 4 a.m. onwards. Immediate Activity
Migrate existing customers to New Satellite - Will be started shortly - will come back with full details, plans and start date.


Convert all existing Commercial / Swap STBs at partner location by downloading OTA - Please refer to the attached PPT for the process and guidelines.
All new installations & activations effective 3rd March, 4 am has to be installed as per the new Look Angle Chart - Please refer to the attached 'Look Angle Chart' for your respective locations for new satellite angle.

For any case where activation has to be done in old satellite, the customer will need to be activated and then migrated on IAM to old satellite S1 as the default setting is S2. (Please refer process attached)
SES- 7 Satellite Queries and FAQ Since airtel is shifting to SES-7 satellite, thought I should create a thread about SES-7 FAQ. People can ask their common questions related to SES-7 in this thread.

Q-What actually is SES-7?
A-SES-7 is a new satellite which Airtel is migrating from their previous INSAT4CR satellite. This satellite has lot more space than previous satellite which will help Airtel to add more channels and new services.

Q-How can I re-align my dish to SES-7 satellite?
A-Send an email to Airtel Digital TV at [email protected] regarding this, they will call you within 48 hours.

Q- What are new channels expected in this new satellite?
A-Currently these are new channels which are to be added with their expected prices (thanks to dthmagic) after migration-
SD Channels
1. Tv 5 @ Rs 5 +tax/month
3. Bhakti tv @ Rs 5+ tax/month
4. Paras tv @ Rs 5+tax/month
5. Jeevan tv @ Rs 5+tax/month
6. Discovery Turbo @ Rs 15+tax/month
7. Discovery Science @ Rs 15 +tax/month
8. Mastii tv @ Rs 5+tax/month
9. Sakshi tv @ Rs 5+tax/month
10. CBS Prime @ Rs 10+tax/month
11. Fox Crime @ Rs 10+tax/month
12. FX @ Rs 10+tax/month
13. Magik tv @ Rs 5+tax/month
14. Sadhna tv @ Rs 5+tax/month
15. Vasanth tv @ Rs 5+tax/month
16. Captain tv @ Rs 5+tax/month

HD Channels
Food Food HD @ Rs20+tax/month
Movies Now HD
Discovery HD World @ Rs 20+tax/month

Q-When we can see new channels?
A- No confirmed date yet but it is said to be added in the end of March or start of April.

Q-How do I add new channel?
A-Airtel has changed their adding channel sending number. So now, if you want to get a channel send sms as "Get channel name " to 54325.