List of satellites available in India, Pakistan Asia

Satellites recieveable in India on 8 feet mesh dish

Satellites receivable in India on 8 feet mesh dish. Satellites available in India. List of satellites available in India, Pakistan Asia. satellite channels available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Asia.

26.0E Arabsat 2C,3A,2D
30.5E Arabsat 2B
38.0E Paksat 1
40.0E Express AM 1
45.0E PAS 12
53.0E Express AM 22
55.0E Insat 3E
57.0E NSS 703
60.0E Intelsat 904
62.0E Intelsat 902
64.0E Intelsat 906
66.0E Intelsat 704
68.5E PAS 7, PAS 10
74.0E Insat 3C, Edusat
75.0E LM1
76.5E Telstar 10
78.5E Thaicom 3
80.0E Express AM2 and Express
83.0E Insat 2E, 3B
87.5E Chinastar 1
88.0E ST1 C band
93.5E Insat 3A
95.0E NSS 6 (India Beam)
96.5E Express AM 11
100.5 Asiasat 2
105.5 Asiasat 3S
110.5 Sinosat 1
113.0 Palapa C2
122.2 Asiasat 4
128.0 JCSAT 3
134.0 Apstar 6
138.0 Telstar 18
146.0 Agila 2 C Band

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