Reliance Digital TV Features,Recharge, Packages, ChannelLists and Customer Care

Introduction of Digital TV in June 2009 has
changed the TV watching experience. Many a
time the whole family is gathered to watch a
show in the Television. So you should never
compromise on the quality of picture and sound.
Reliance Big TV, which is now known as Reliance
digital TV, brings to you a whole new TV
watching experience. It suits your hectic schedule
and fulfils your desires.
Some features of Reliance Digital TV include:
Advanced program guide.
Interactive features.
You may lock all the unwanted stuff so that your
kid does not watch the undesirable shows.
Reliance Digital TV recharge
The Reliance digital TV can be recharged using a
number of different ways:
Online Reliance digital TV recharge – All you have
to do is to keep the 12 digit Smart Card number
which you have been provided ready at hand.
Then you can make a online payment using your
best possible card which is known as Credit card
or you can also use the Netbanking option. Online
Reliance digital TV recharge is very easy and also
saves you much time. Another mode of online
recharge is the cash card option. All you have to
do is buy your cash card from the nearest outlet
of Reliance digital TV. Then redeem your cash
card with the help of your 12 digit Smart card
number, online!
You can also recharge it using your cash card via
sms. All you need to do is SMS RC then a space
and then enter the number of Smart Card and
then a space and then enter the Voucher PIN and
send this to the following number – 554546. But
keep in mind that your mobile needs to be
properly registered. You will receive an SMS that
your recharge is confirmed!
You can also redeem your cash card via phone.
You may even use your credit card in order to
access this service. You need to call 1860 200
6666 (Reliance digital TV toll-free customer care
number) and use your Smart Card of 12 digit
number to pay for the recharge. You will also get
a confirmation of your recharge.
Reliance Digital TV packages and plans
There are many different packages and plans to
choose from. You can choose one which suits
you most. Some of them are:
The Value Pack – this is the most popular. Pay Rs
127 per month and get 119 Non South Channels
and 115 South Channels. And if you subscribe for
12 months, then it gets reduced to Rs 109 per
Bronze pack – Rs 152 per month, which gets
reduced to Rs 131 per month if you subscribe for
12 months. Get 128 Non-South Channels and 134
South channels.
Bronze Plus Pack.
Silver Pack – Pay Rs 199 per month, which gets
reduced to Rs 171 per month if you subscribe for
12 months. Get 139 non-South channels and 145
South channels.
There is also the gold pack, the diamond pack
and the platinum pack which takes slightly more
per month, but also gives you a larger variety of
popular channels.
There are some value added services too
The cinema pack – Pay Rs 55 per month to get
60 popular English and Hindi channels.
Igames, iconcerts and ikids.
There are also other regional packs like:
Hindi Bhojpuri, Oriya, Rajasthani, Marathi,
Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Telegu, Kannada – all
at Rs 33.
A-la-carte channels at Rs 17 per channel.
There are add-on packs too, which include:
Elite – Rs 28
Kids – Rs 28
Hindi movies, English movies, English action,
adventure – Rs 28.
News, business and Infotainment at Rs 28.
Sports channels ranging fr0m Rs 44 to Rs 55.
Reliance Digital TV Customer Care
The Reliance Digital TV toll free customer care
number is 1800 200 9001. This is an All-India
number. There is also another number which is
chargeable – 1860 200 666.
Reliance Digital TV Channels list
Reliance Digital has made a pact with Star India
and now has a collection of 5 Asli HD Channels
which includes Star Movies HD, National
Geographic HD, Movies Now HD, Star Plus and
iConcerts HD. All these are in addition to those
250 channels which are already present in the
Reliance channel list, all in HD quality. The channel
list all comes under the following categories:
- 7 Hindi movie channels
- 6 Regional cinema channels
- 9 Pay per view channels
- 18 Hindi entertainment channels
- 11 English Entertainment channels
- 6 English movie channels
- 22 Hindi News channels
- 9 English News channels
- 7 business channels
- 11 Sports channels
- 10 Informative channels
- 7 kids channels
- 4 Devotional channels
- 8 Music channels
- 11 Radio channels
- 7 Interactive channels
- There are also the large number and variety of
regional channels which has been described
All of the popular channels you watch are
included in this list. The most viewed channels
are all found here. Thus, your search for the
affordable and diverse digital TV channels ends
here. Not only that, you also get a superior sound
and picture quality. You can checkout the official
website of Reliance Digital TV – link .


sandeep said…
Owing to busy working schedules and lack of time online recharging has proven to be a boon for the Mobile/DTH users. And, reliance has started this service earlier when compared with its rival companies.