Tata Sky Plus HD – Review

Tata Sky has been upgrading on a regular basis,
first from plain Tata Sky which had neither HD
nor the option to pause live television, to Tata
Sky Plus, where you can record live television
but which does not have HD, to Tata Sky+ HD
which records live television and has HD as well!
There are several advantages to the new Tata
Sky + HD. Besides the regular advantages of
pausing and recording live television, Tata Sky +
HD also has some new additional features.

The set-top box used is considerably larger in
size and has a USB port and the remote control
remains essentially the same with a few
additions to control the playback. Whenever Tata
Sky comes up with a new update, the box
automatically upgrades itself every time you
switch it on. Along with Tata Sky + HD, you
also get a few “videos on demand
” or VOD which can be watched at any time,
free of cost. The films available, however, should
be expected to be at least a year old at least.
Besides these, there is the obvious advantage of
being able to pause and record live television.
Gone are the days of waiting for the ad break.
Now, with Tata Sky + HD, you can pause,
record and rewind live television and watch it in
your own sweet time.

Tata Sky Plus HD Cost

Buying the set-top box along with the Digicomp
(hardware) will cost you Rs.3, 999. With Tata
Sky + HD, the HDMI cable is provided for free.
Standard installation charges along with
installation warranty and activation charges will
cost you Rs.500. If you already have a Tata Sky
connection and simply wish to change your set
top box to Tata Sky + HD, this charge of Rs.500
will not be taken. Tata Sky offers a variety of
packages to view your preferred channels. You
can either choose from available packs or
customise your own pack. Cost of Packages
start from Rs.150 per month. Finally, you must
subscribe to the HD Gold Pack, which is Rs.50
per month.

Tata Sky Plus HD Channels

Tata Sky provides its customers with a variety of
channels to choose from. Some channels
including Discovery HD, National Geographic
HD and Star Plus HD are now readily available in
the HD Gold pack. You can either opt for one of
the many packs offered or you can personally
choose your channels. Either way, in Tata Sky +
HD, you can avail all the channels comprising of
HD and also 12 Showcase Movies!
Checkout more details on the Tata Sky HD
website - www.tatasky.com/hd