CNBC-TV18 Launches' PRIME HD CNBC-TV18, "the First HD Channel Business In India News

CNBC-TV18 launches' PRIME HD CNBC-TV18, "the first business news channel HD in India

With an innovative move, the CNBC-TV18, N. India 1 business news channel, will launch a new premium news service, "the CNBC-TV18 first HD", focuses on the needs of the rapidly growing Indian investors and the financial community. To be available in addition to a CNBC TV18-channel "CNBC-TV18 PRIME HD" to follow the major DTH platforms in India in HD quality, with the consequence that the CNBC TV18-Business News is the first experimental channel on your hard drive.

The service of 'CNBC-TV18 First HD "was specifically designed to address an audience very involved new business and investors in the country, especially executives, analysts, brokers, investment professionals, fund managers and active participants in detail. Combining the power of broadcast news with the essence of financial data terminal, CNBC-TV18 First HD operates in a transparent and unique architecture of the display window 2 ", which offers content rich and deep and DATA live video viewers simultaneously.

Videos of premium content has been expanded to focus on the global market, where Indian investors access to LIVE, from the Asian market in the morning after the afternoon in Europe and the United States in the evening. In a rich image format, information technology provides a wider and deeper range of economic data and news messages to viewers across asset classes including equities, futures, commodities, currencies, bonds, etc. This service is in real time can be adjusted dynamic data window "Data", based on the daily news flow. CNBC-TV18 programmed for a living national headquarters in Mumbai, the first HD service delivery infrastructure to take advantage of the latest CNBC-TV18, and will lead a team of editors and production staff.

Commenting on this service, Anil Uniyal, CEO - CNBC-TV18 and CNBC Awaaz said, "CNBC-TV18's first HD is a product of the major underlying trends already evident in India's financial services to rapidly changing thinking upper and globalized culture. invest more and more, along with the impending growth in digital distribution and demand for premium content. This allows us to offer a service for companies demanding viewers, giving them the best in the market the state of the art production values. With this new service in our portfolio, we hope to give viewers a close terminal arrangements, such as access to television and a lot more general programming, are not available for investors Indians before. "

"CNBC-TV18 First HD", will launch a service for Indian investors' Mahurat trading on Diwali day, October 26. At launch, the channel is available on Dish TV (channel number 76) and Airtel DTH (channel number 320 ) and will be "free trade" in the first place. In the coming weeks, "CNBC-TV18 First HD" should be available on other DTH platforms as well.