Asianet to Digital fully in a Year

Asian Satellite Communications Ltd., promoted by Rajan Raheja, which also controls Hathway Cable & Datacom, took the radical decision to turn off the cable service analog television within a year, and plans to undertake new investments in RS 1 billion it grows to become India's first multi-system operators (MSOs) to offer only digital cable.

For starters, the Kerala based OSM recently completed the conversion Trivandrum an all-digital network. Asianet subscribers offers plenty of Trivandrum of the five options of up to 150 channels and plans to upgrade to 220 channels in three months.

"We have become the leading provider of cable TV in India to reach this milestone well ahead of the mandate of the national government in full scan in December 2014. We have 75,000 direct subscribers in Trivandrum, and our goal is to scan our network in Kerala during the nine months, "said Asian Satellite Communications President and COO Sankaranarayana.

Asianet has invested one billion rupees towards digitization and seeded 350 000 decoders. OSM's regional network has 615,000 direct subscribers profitability.

"We are investing Rs 1000000000 within a year. We demand of Rs 750 million to scan directly to our subscribers. We are also trying to do a lot of subscribers on the digitization secondary," said Sankaranaryana.

Asianet provides digital set-top boxes free. "We are subsidizing the decoders. We believe that our cost of pay-TV content will be reduced. ARPU (average revenue per user) for digital television is Rs 200, while in the case of the analog is 150 rupees," said Sankaranaryana.

Asians, who was in talks with private equity giant Providence to the dilution of a minority interest in 2007, not trying to unload some equity now. "We are not in talks with private equity firm. We decided to scan our networks on our own. We have access to customer financing and debt. We have a healthy EBITDA because we have the last mile, "said Sankaranaryana.

Kerala has a dominant OSM technical draw with Cisco to explore. "The analysis will also help us improve our broadband services," said Sankaranaryana.