Channel what’s-on-India Claims To Reach Nearly 40 Million Homes

The channel of India said that to reach nearly 40 million households

"One thing about India," India's Guide and preview the first TV channel is continuous and gradually increase to reach a national audience. Now, in order to broaden their horizons, the network announced the launch of two platforms in India, the most popular and famous No34 channel, DD Direct DTH and Eliance Canal No. 101 also includes other analog known operators throughout India. Adding in progress with its current distribution of Airtel DTH, TV Antenna, Hathway, DIGIC, and 1200 + cable operators now stands at nearly 40 million homes across India. The development office in India and said "We are pleased to announce that our channel is available in DD Direct DTH and dependence of our distribution is now about 40 million homes. He said that 40 million dollars of our number destination in the beginning of the year and we are delighted to welcome the public has been engaged in our new parts. "

Indian television industry is really very strong, with over 600 channels including news channels over 100 channels from more than fifty films and more than fifty general entertainment channels, other music channels, sports channels information and entertainment for children, not to mention ultra channel specializing in genres such as food, crime and education.

Although there is a great choice explosion of television channels in India, however, the point consumers' view, this raises a serious challenge for them to get a complete and correct content. Come-On-India is one of the first models in a country that is committed to bring the audience close to the performance and programs that are looking for based on their tastes.