Digitization put off by 3 months in four Metros

Caught in its own mandate to provide notice of at least six months for cable operators and MSOs to scan, the government extend the expiration date of the first phase to June 30, 2012 instead of March 2012 previously announced.

This is contained in a notice issued by the Ministry of the cities list of Information and Broadcasting and the areas and times where it would be "mandatory" for cable operators to transmit or retransmit all encrypted channels through a digital camera addressable.

The College announced earlier this month, the Government stated that six months notice will be given to cable television operators to enable them to install the necessary equipment for the transmission of encrypted channels via a digital system addressable in accordance with the deadlines set for this purpose for the different states and cities.

The Cable Television Ordinance amendment (Regulation) 2011, which is a change in cable television networks (Regulation) Act 1995, aims to establish the necessary infrastructure to meet the deadlines set by the government for the digitization of cable TV networks .

The government has already announced a timetable for the complete digitization of cable TV for four metros, 31 March 2012. Date of complete physical digitization of cable industry in the city, is home to over one million at March 30, 2013, all urban areas by September 30, 2014, and throughout the country, December 31, 2014.

It also means the end of the analogue era and cable network clients must have an addressable digital decoder box, regardless of whether they want to receive free-to-air or encrypted (Pay TV) channels.