Dishtv Betting Big

Dishtv big bets

As there is an inclination of HD channels will be launched in India, the giant DTH DishTV betting big when to expect HD subscribers base to nearly double that currently up to 2.5 lakh. As we can all feel when DTH service was launched in India, there were only a few HD channels, but now even the general entertainment channels targeted HD. High definition offers a high resolution picture and sound, and standard-definition television standard.

The most important factor is the growth of demand growth in sales of LCD and LED TVs, which is what gives these DTH providers like dishtv confidence that the sale of these set-top boxes will grow. Major sports and edutainment channels like ESPN, Star Cricket, National Geographic and Discovery HD feeds already. Star India and Zee Network has also joined the wagon with the launch of the HD version of their HD channels, movies and entertainment in general.

There is another factor that drives the DTH service providers in the penetration of high definition in the country and is the "ARPU" this means that the average revenue per user, ARPU these companies is set to RS152 standard boxes is the same as if the box is high definition or what they earn at least Rs 454, so it's definitely what can be considered one of the major driving force of new activities related to HD.

The whole nation is looking forward to the new era of full HD on all channels, and certainly entertainment to new heights because of these new firms by major DTH service providers.