How To Put More Than One LNB On A Satellite Dish

How do I put more than one LNB on a dish

This is just a trick, which is kept in mind while establishing a new means LNB Satellite

Standing in front of your floor and follow the steps now

I guess if you have an antenna mounted on a satellite degree 75E East and U Want to Get on it is 83 degrees so if uu antennas are really the right move as ur is 83 degrees is on the right side 75E degree when in front of the dish is well ur a normal condition when u move the dish totally ur @ this particular point of view, but the LNB to the side means it's totally different if a satellite is actually ur right side of the LNB fitting and with respect to the mean of u to the left to find on the left side so it was on the left side and vice versa if you have a flat patch 83E is the measure U Want to Get 75E grade and it . Think, think and think ur right brother come to the right

Best ........... Try laws of optics is taught in science class and two 10
Put More Than One LNB  Dish

laws of reflection

How To Put More Than One LNB

See Suppose you have a mirror (concave or even a plane ) and the light source is located on the right  then form the image on the left hand.

and if the light source is just a front. The image then represent only the front  and this is where we put the LNB in ​​the center.

Yes ......................

But here, this is a practical thing .. we do not understand when we really take and do with our satellite dish and LNB

and how to guess from which the signal just is not very difficult .

See ............ Suppose u have 75E in Centerville. So 83 E (Tatasky) is on the west side of the center LNB (ie 75E ) So 93.5E (DDD +) will further west (ie after 83E )............ then after 95 E (DishTV) will come and so on  but, but as we shall signal becomes weak again..
more two lnb single dish
All that is required is that you have to go do it.

One more thing .....................

You see I'm in Long. 74.93E so we get up El 75E

and then . It works again in the opposite direction .

I mean, if we have the middle LNB 75E  and as General of the EL is declining from 83E to 105.5E .....................

But as I said, runs counter ...... so we need to put your LNB on 75E 83E . Similarly, more than 95.3 and 83E LNBs

95E 95.5E and higher