Paksat 1R now available all India

Paksat 1R now available all India

Paksat 1r is now start working on location of 38 degree East. All the channels of Paksat 1 shifted to the new and powerful satellite of Pakistan named as Paksat 1R. Paksat 1R replaced the old sat Paksat 1.There were many problems reported on Paksat1. But now all the drawbacks is gone by the launch of Paksat 1R.

    Paksat 1 coverage map was limited to India. The south part of India suffer difficulties to recieve the bird. But now there is good news for all India, that the new bird Paksat 1R has a powerful coverage all over India.

    Not only India covers c band beam from the Paksat 1R but also it has a strong coverage of KU band.


                                                     C BAND COVERAGE MAP

                                    KU BAND COVERAGE MAP CHECK LINK BELOW

For all the Transponder, TP details and the complete channel list CLICK HERE


Unknown said…
Is it available in eastern Nepal?
Waseem Ahmed said…
yes paksat1r is easily recieveable in nepal china srilanka and neighbouring countries. You can catch paksat1r in nepal with 6 to 8 feet c band dish. Paksat1r currently has many good urdu hindi channels and still growing. Soon new tv channels will come on paksat1r, pakistan dth or first c band dth of pakistan.
Unknown said…
I am using DD Direct Plus Dish antena to receive FTA channels from Insat 4B 93.5 East. Can I use same dish antena set to receive FTA channels form paksat1r, pakistan dth? and how to know or calculate the size of dish?

Please Help me.

Thank you
Waseem Ahmed said…
no it is not possible to get paksat1r on dd dth dish antenna. Paksat1r is c band dth and only recieveable on a c band dish of about 6 to 8 feet in size. But you can use your dd dth stb or reciever to recieve paksat1r channels
aamir sayyed said…
I would like to knw can I c it on 4%5 feet dish an is it same direction from asiasat 5&7 or its doffrently located