Tata Sky To Introduce VOD Service For Tata Sky+ HD Subscribers

Direct to home service provider Tata Sky is to test a video-on-demand, enabling its subscribers watch television news or content previously through a broadband connection. However, since the service requires a connection through a LAN cable, would be limited to subscribers who have a Tata Sky + HD tuner superior, the only one with an Ethernet port.

According to the site for some users, and in recent Tweet Abhimanyu Radhakrishnan and Times Group, the company is looking for selected subscribers, and offers a trial service. In a manner similar to the IPTV service should be offered by phone companies such as MTNL, BSNL and Airtel to offer their customers access to content is sent to television channels up to seven days before selected movies and video on demand.

News reports Hindustan Times, is that Tata Sky was the final stage of negotiations for the launch of Netflix, like video on demand in India.

- Interruptions Content: This means that the satellite company would make arrangements with broadcasters and content aggregators transported via the Internet protocol, and it would be the creation of a server infrastructure to store and playback content. This requires new investment and spending, and the company will try to earn money supply.

- Only the Tata Sky + HD: The Tata Sky + HD only device that can store content and clouds to acquire more content, in a sense, replacing it with a limited storage capacity.

- Bandwidth for VOD, FUP cap: While two-way satellite links are expensive and require additional equipment or other type of configuration, is the intellectual property, without moorings dedicated to the ISP that the service be viable?.

With FUP (fair usage policy) and tops in the congestion of bandwidth network, we wonder how Tata Sky plans to increase service. Could offer a free service at first, but if you plan to offer subscription packages that require dedicated Internet plans that offer unlimited data and bypass caps, as the service refers to the transfer of large amounts of the data. ISPs like Airtel, which also runs a direct competition for IPTV service, may not be interested.

Personally used a Airtel 2 Mbps wired connection to access the video content on a television intelligent, I can say that the experience was far from satisfactory, with high quality video to buffer all the time.

Tata Sky do not know if you could use a compression technique to encode videos to consume less data, and high-end, once they reach the box. But otherwise its unlikely that users of the register or pay for the service.

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