Free movie channels film word and filmax started on paksat 1R

Hi friends. There is good news for movie lovers. Paksat 1R on 38 degree added new fta channels on its platform. The fta tv channel includes film word, a hindi movie channel and Filmax, a good english movie channel today.

As we know paksat 1r replaced paksat 1 on 38 degree with much better foot print coverage over india. Now this bird can eaisy availe over india. There are many good fta channels on paksat 1r. And many channels qued to joined paksat 1r.

The current channels on paksat 1r includes many good music channels like..
play tv
Aruj tv
Indus vision

Also they include fta movie channels are
Film word
Ravi tv

Science and technology channels

Hope tv
Health tv pakistan

Education channels

Also there are many news fta channels and pakistani regional channels ptv lahore, ptv bolan, etc.
How to catch or recieve paksat 1r
To recieve paksat 1r, you must have a 4 feet or above c band dish and c band lnb. Then move your dish to 38 degree and enjoy.

Ku band fta channels on paksat 1r on 70cm dish, dd direct plus dish
Paksat 1r has good strong ku band coverage over india. You can get paksat1r ku band channels on 60cm and more big size dish. But wait there is currently 1 test ku band channels only. But they will launch ku band service soon.
If you have any problem or question about paksat 1r reception. Feel free to ask me by commenting here...


Anonymous said…
I can't get audio on filmax, am I alone?
shanravat said…
Hi I am looking for frequency for all paksat channel for zambia please
Waseem Ahmed said…
Thanks for your regular visit. All tps of paksat 1r is available on flysat. Bt as your request i will post all latest tps and changes of paksat1r very soon.

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