DD direct plus dth, 150 channels soon 2012.

  Good news for dd direct plus users. yesterday i posted that dd dth is going to increase the channel number from 59 to 75. But today i have news that dd dth officials planned to conduct e auctions in few months to increase the channel count to 150.

"The broadcaster is reportedly to auction another 87 slots during the next few months, to help it increase its own DTH offering from 59 to 150 channels, in line with government plans."

  But after reading this one question comes in our mind, that is it believable. Because in past many promices came up froom dd officials the they are going to increase the channels. But nothing big happened yet.
   But now i think Govt is strict on the channel expansion. Govt spent a lot to increase the channel count but dd officials were unable to do so.

  Another big point is that dd earn agood money from e auctions and now solid to earn some more by increasing the channels on the DD direct plus.
   What do you think on this dd move.
 Do drop your comments.


Unknown said…
bhai agar esa hua to dd direct plus ke demand badh jayegi
vese kab tak increse honge channels
Waseem Ahmed said…
DD DIRECT PLUS DD DTH or direct tv of dd will increase the channel count in 2 to 3 months after the launch of gsat on 93.5 east. There was news that dd direct tv will shift to new sat or shift to mpeg4 but later dd officials cleared that nothing will happen like these. They said we are unable to add the new channels in dd direct tv to increase the dd dth channel to 200 because of tp shortage. So they are waiting for the launch of gsat series satellite on the same orbit location at 93.5 degree east to add new channels on dd direct plus.
So wait for another three or four or we can say next year to watch 200 fta tv channels on dd direct plus.