PTV Sport added on Paksat IR 38° East Satellite

PTV Sport added on Paksat IR 38° East Satellite

Frequency 3775
Symbol Rate – 3300
Mode – 3/4
Pol- V
encryption – Biss Keys

Updated on 29-9-2013. “Ptv Sports working key” A319 A9DD D7F1 ADDD on both Paksat1r and Asia Sat3s

Some info and updates About PTV Sports: –

PTV on 30th broadcast sports December 2011. Zee TV also supports the PTV broadcast live sporting events. PTV is very popular with the audience and saw Pakistan. This is the first channel of Pakistan, and a channel for many years. This channel is transmitted by signals, and everyone can see the channel on TV. But during the first PTV sports are on the Internet Broadcasting. Sports PTV transfer all kinds of sports like cricket, football, basketball, Kabaddi, Hockey, Kabaddi etc. PTV also has other channels PTV Home, PTV National News, PTV Global, PTV Bolan PTV and sports. Streaming Sports HQ launch PTV viewers, but now the line is for Internet users.

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