Friday, 13 April 2012

Home 4G service launched in India by Bharti Airtel

Home 4G service launched in India by Bharti Airtel

Calcutta: Telecom major Bharti Airtel on Tuesday (4/10/2012) has a broadband wireless (BWA), on 4G technology based here launched by Airtel.

With this launch, Bharti Airtel will launch the first player to a 4G service in India. High-speed service here was inaugurated by the Minister of Communications Mr Kapil Sibal Union.
4G service launched in India by Bharti Airtel

What is a better 3G  or 4G Service -

Should be considered as the successor to the 3G-and 2G-4G family be five times faster than 3G services. These would be services such as HDTV and mobile high-definition video.

Airtel, which had been bagging BWA spectrum in four circles of telecom - Santiago, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Punjab and - to Rs.3, 314.36 million rupees in 2010, China Telecom selected the equipment manufacturer ZTE management services in Calcutta.

The other players are not his intention to deploy 4G services announced.

With the Launch of 4G service in India Now we have the power of high speed internet in our pockets. 4G enables us to watch HD videos and live streaming of any TV channels without any waiting time or buffering waiting time.

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