9XM is planning a series of initiatives in the digital world

9XM has a number of initiatives in the digital domain - offers exciting entertainment options for the growth of the online community

After captivating audiences with entertaining content on TV, 9XM, India's No. 1 music channel in India, has a number of initiatives planned for the growing community in cyberspace. 9XM has become animated characters are very popular on the Internet, through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the official website of 9XM - www.9xm.in. 9XM a large area digital user has more than 4 lakh.

To contact the Digital 9XM fans, the chain offers several options for participation. Designed to complement 9XM programming strategy - the sounds of Bollywood music, entertainment and tickling ribs interspersed offers digital know-how, innovative Shehar include Deewane Mein, Kar Bakwaas 9XL competitions and news.

Speaking of various initiatives, Ms Vibha Gosher, Vice President - Digital, 9X Media Pvt. Ltd, said:. "In addition to the large number of spectators in the air, 9XM also enjoys a large following on the Internet We are pleased to offer a range of entertainment options with 9XM online community To Deewane Shehar My, competitions and news Bakwaas 9XL Kar Do,. We want to strengthen our connection to the digital generation. "

To go swimming and Chote mood - 9XM popular characters. May participate in the digital community in my Deewane Shehar bathing and Chote help and writhing on the most demanding situations, as they travel the length and breadth of India.

9XM provides a way for fans to set up their own jokes Bakwaas Kar band, and were broadcast on the channel. Fans can their jokes, and contests by 9XM www.9xm.in Bakwaas Kar share. The best joke was on 9XM give credit to transfer to the winner.

9XM fans also have the opportunity to create a new character on the program recently released Bollywood News - News 9XL. This user is generated by the agent is in the band Khus Khabar - tell Jack Tai, Satellite Singh Chug-Lee, Bobby Dixit and touch-up studies 9XL Jalwa and the latest gossip from Bollywood.
9XM www.9xm.in believers from the community to join Facebook 9XM (www.facebook.com/9xm.in) to experience some interesting initiatives. Viewers can also follow on Twitter (@ 9XMHaqSe) 9XM for a daily dose of entertainment. 9XM - Haq It!

  9xm is also available on all popular dth services and also on icici direct and also on dd direct plus