List of all Free To Air FTA Channels India-Pak C Band KU Band

Fta free to air TV channels
Hello friends and TV lovers. If you are searching the complete list of available FTA free to air channels receive-able in India then you came at the right place free fta.

   Here is the list of all free to air FTA channels on various satellites that can be easily receive-able with a 60cm dish and a 6-8 feet c band dish antenna with a FTA STB satellite receiver

 satelite tv  Here is the complete FTA TV channels list free to air tv


FTA Channels

DD Bouquet



1. DD National
2. DD News
3. DD Bharti
4. DD Saptagiri (Telugu)

 5. DD North-East
6. DD Punjabi
7. DD Gujarati
8. DD Kashir (kashmiri

9. DD Chandana (Kannada)
10. DD Malayalam
11. DD Sahyadri (Marathi)
12. DD Oriya
13. DD Podigaai (Tamil)
14. DD Bangla
15. DD Uttar Pradesh
16. DD Rajashtan
17. DD Himachal Pradesh
18. DD Madhya Pradesh
19. DD Dehradun (Uttaranshal)
20. DD Panaji (Goa)
21. DD Hissar (Haryana)
22. DD Gangtok (Sikkim)
23. DD Raipur (Chittisgarh)
24. DD Ranchi (Jharkhand)
25. DD Port Blair
26. DD Rajya Sabha
27. DD Lok Sabha
28. DD Gyandarshan
29. DD Kisan Channel
30. DD Vyas Channel
31. Eklavya Tech TV
32. DD Urdu




1. Ahimsaa TV
2. Amrita TV
3. Alpha Kaveri
4. Alpha Krishna
5. Alpha Gujrati
6. Alpha Bharathi
7. Alpha Bharathi
8. Asianet Plus
9. Asianet Digital
10. Asianet Global
11. Asianet (Malayalam)
12. Alph Gujrati
13. ATN Bangla
14. Akash Bangla
15. Aaj Tak
16. Aaj Tak Tez
17. Action Cinema UK
18. Alpha Gujrati
19. Awaaz
20. Azad News
21. ABC Asia Pacific(ABC)
22. Aastha Television Channel
23. Boomerang
24. Bloomberg TV
25. Broadcast News
26. Balle Balle(Music)
27. Bindaas
28. CT Buzz
29. Channel Guide
30. Classic Cinema
31. Care TV
32. Channel News Asia
33. CTV
34. Classic Cinema UK
35. CMM Music
36. DAN Tamil Ozhi
37. DAN Cinema
38. DAN Music
39. Daystar
40. Delhi Aaj Tak
41. Enter 10
42. Etc-Hindi
43. ETV U.P
44. ETV Tamil
45. ETV Punjabi
46. ETV Assam
47. ETV M.P
48. ETV Rajasthan
49. ETV Bihar
50. ETV Kannada
51. ETV Urdu
52. ETV Gujarati
53. Eknoor TV(Punjabi)
54. ETV Malayalam
55. Euro News
56. FE (Family Entertainment) TV
57. Fashion TV
58. GOD Channel
59. Goal TV-1
60. Goal TV-2
61. Gemini Cable Vision
62. Gurjari
63. Headlines News
64. Headlines Today
65. Indiavision News
66. India TV
67. Jhankar TV
68. Jaya Plus
69. Jain TV
70. Jai Hind
71. Jeevan TV
72. Jagran UK
73. Jaya TV
74. Janmat
75. JTC Channel 7
76. Jhankar TV
77. Kiran TV
78. Kasturi
79. Kairali People
80. Kairali TV
81. Khoj TV
82. Khalsa World
83. Lashkara
84. Live India
85. Lamhas Classis
86. MH-1
87. Mans
88. Miracle
89. MTA International
90. Maharishi Channel
91. M-3
92. NDTV
93. NDTV India
94. NDTV India (Hindi)
95. Nepal 1
96. Num TV
97.Now TV
98. Punjab TV
99. People
100. Premiere Cinema
101. Punjab Today
102. PBC TV
103. Raj Music
104. Splash TV
105. Sab TV
106. Sanskar
107. Sadhana
108. SITI
109. Sahara TV
110. Sahara Samay Samay U.P.
111. Sahara Samay Samay Bihar
112. Sahara Samay Samay Rajasthan
113. Sanskar International
114. Star News
115. Shalom Television
116. Star Anando
117. Sangeet Bangla
118. Sur Sangeet
119. SS Music
121. S1 Channel
122. Star Utsav
123. Satya TV
124. Smile TV
125. Sahara Samay Samay Rashtriya
126. Sahara Samay Samay MP
127. Sahara Samay Samay Mumbai
128. Sahara Samay NCR
129. Surjo
130. Sudarshan
131. South Asia World
132. Time TV
133. TVC Online
134. Total TV
135. Tamil Thirai(Ttv)
136. Tara News
137. Tara Muzik
138. Tara Bangla
139. Trance TV
140. The MGM Channel
141. Trace TV
142. TV 9
143. TCT-NET
144. Tamilian TV
145.TMG Enter
146. Tara Punjabi
147. Vissa TV
148. Voyages Television
149. Win TV
150. Yes-IndiaVision
151. YO Music
152. Zee Marathi News
153. Zee Bangla News
154. Zee Music UKSanskar
155. Zee TV SE Asia
156. Zee Gujrati News
157. Zee Punjabi News
158. Zee Arebia
159. Zee Talkies


1. Arirang (Korea)
2. DW (German)
3. RAI Int. (Italian)
4. RTP (Spanish)
5. TV 5 (French)
6. TVE


1. Aaj TV
2. Apna Channel
5. ARY DIgital India
6. ARY One World
7. AVT Khyber
8. Business Plus
9. FilmAzia
10. GEO TV
11. G. Channel
12. Hum TV
13. Indus Vision/Music
14. Indus News/Plus
15. Mashriq TV
16. PTV One
17. PTV Channel 3
18. PTV National
19. PTV World News
20. PTV World News
21. Q TV/The Musik
22. Sindhi TV
23. UNI Plus
24. Virtual TV 1,2


Anonymous said…
which kind of program on tv 5?
AK Agarwal said…
I do not want to buy expensive packages of tata sky or zee dish TV or airtel dish.

I wish to buy a simple dish to get free channels from air(where is this dish available in the market ? for how much) and wish to know how to connect it to my existing TV

please guide
AK Agarwal
[email protected]
Unknown said…
what are the frequencies to get above said free to air channels on DTH ( Doordarshan ).............kindly help............Thanx
Anonymous said…
Can a ordinary satellite recevier(EuroSat) used with dth antenna and LNB or can be used as an alternate for set top box.
Waseem Ahmed said…
Yes you can use any satellite TV receiver or set top box to receive these channels, but some of them are Mpeg4 or HD channels. So it is better you have a Mpeg4 HD receiver. So for as dish antenna is concern, you need a bigger c band dish antenna to receive these. But you can get some KU band channels with dth antenna.
Waseem Ahmed said…
Sorry Amndeep, you can not get these channels with your doordarshan DTH. Most of them are FTA C band channels. So you have to buy a big C band antenna. But you can try to receive channels from asiasat 5, Edusat and ABS at 75.
Waseem Ahmed said…
Sorry MR. Agarwal for late reply, If you are not intrested in buying the dth packages i advice you buy a 8 feet or above C band dish, and a simple DD direct plus dish. You can get lot of free to air channels from asiasat5, asiasat3s, insat series and lot of foreign Channels too. Just buy the two Dish and connect them with a Diseq switcher. With Diseq switcher you can use two different dishes in one receiver at a same time. Currently i am using Paksat 1R and DD DTH with a diseq switcher and i am getting over 100 plus channel. You can buy these equipment from your nearest cablle and dth store.
Unknown said…

HI Can we receive Cartoon Network as free-to-air channel
Anonymous said…
I wish to buy a simple dish to get free channels from air(where is this dish available in the market ? for how much)

please guide
Prakash B
[email protected]
arvind said…
how these channels can be obtained by c-band or ku-band dish? it is saying FTA channels that means they can be recieved freeely without any subscription ? @
Thanks for share interesting and useful information...
Anonymous said…
I have a sundirect HD set top box and 3 feet dish.I don't want to continue the sundirect hd stb. Can I add a new fta set top box to the same dish and watch free to air channels in Hyderabad. If so please let me know the procedure. which STB is better? what r the telugu fta channels I can watch with this setup?
Thanks in advace
Waseem Ahmed said…
Yes, you can watch other fta channels with the said 3 feet dish. You can get DD direct plus channels and i think ABS1 @ 75E, Asiasat 3S @105.5 and some others. But if you can get a big offset dish antenna, you can receive much more.

For stb i think solid has some good featured FTA set top boxes. I use Solid HD S2 9300 with biss key support.
Anonymous said…
Hi, I live in southeast melbourne and want to know can i get all the free ti air channels from india? If yes how can i?
Anonymous said…
hi, i want to see Ary Q tv channnel.
I have normal Vidocon d2th Antenna (60cm) can i use the same to watch free to air channel Qtv. If no then what size Antenna is required to watch Ary Q tv channnel.
Which steupbox i need to purcharse for the same. Plz suggest.
aashaikh said…
I want to watch QTV channel on KU band dish of size 120 cm. which satellite beams qtv in my area ie Goa, India