New Channel ANJAN TV FTA on intelsat 68.5 Degree East

Good news for those who has a c band dish and loves to hunt channels from different TV satellites from variou locations. A new entrainment TV channel launched and you can get it free to Air on intelsat in India and all the covering areas.
The name of the channel is Anjan TV - A Bhojpuri General Entertainment Channel launched successfully.
A Delhi-based media production AAP took a launch on television with the release of Anjan, Bhojpuri entertainment channel channel.Its free to air Intelsat 10 at 68.5 East on C band frequency.

Test signals for the channels already in the air and the official launch on 24 August A. 

Anjan TV Free To Air channel on Intelsat 10 to 68.5 East TP details

Satellite  Intelsat 10
Position  68.5 ° E
FREQ: 3742 V 7000