New 5 Channels Will Be added By DD direct Plus In June 2012

New DD regional channels are going to be added on DD DTH

  DD direct plus currently have 5 vacant channel slots, but none of the private TV channel is agree to join DD direct plus platform. The reason is that DD DTH demands a high carriage ammount from the private broadcasters to join DD DTH.

    So because no one wants to join Doordarshan DTH due to high rate, thats the reason that DD DTH will have to fill 5 vacant slots with their regional channels.
 DD Jaipur, DD 36Garh, DD Hissar and other regional channels will be added in DD Direct Plus DD in June 2012, so we expect the regional channels of DD instead of the five test channels.

At that time, the regional Doordarshan channels only broadcast for 4 hours by signals teristial but soon will be broadcast live on dd for 24 hours. because the signals teristial and time pressure, the channels are not in a position to become popular. But if these channels DD Direct Plus are added, the channels would be to within 24 hours. Satellite TV. At the present time in India all the villagers are watching TV with a Set Top Box. Why does this matter teristial 4 hours, which are unable to see.

    So wait untill all Regional channels join DD DTH and thus we can get 200 dd regional tv channels on DD REGIONAL DIRECT PLUS.