Digitization Of Cable Services in India

Digitization: The Road Ahead for Indian television.

Gov. of  India approved a regulation that requires the digitization of cable services? What does this mean?
Digitization: The Road Ahead for Indian television.

An order has been approved by the government of India required the digitization of cable services. After the revision of Article 9 of the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Amendment of 1995, the Ministry of I & B addressable digital system is mandatory. This measure consumer a greater number of channels, and a high image quality.
The concept of a major band has disappeared after the introduction of digitization. Viewers can only digital communication services through a decoder (STB) to translate. Over time, you are a blackout analog signals in the big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai after 31 31 October 2012 in cities of over one million people, like Pune, Bangalore and Ahmedabad in March 30 December 2013 deadline for the complete digitization of urban areas September 2014, while to digitize the Country 31 December is expected 2014th

All Indian households should have a digital decoder for these terms to see satellite television.
The scanning process will undoubtedly benefit viewers in India. Scanning offer viewers greater access to high-quality digital images and High Definition Digital sound (HDD). The real advantage for viewers is, if you choose a service provider like Videocon D2H DTH.

Television services in India is mainly provided three media analog cable service, digital cable and DTH. Analog cable services in India for more than two decades in India was, however, analog cable service a limited number of channels and have added features and value added services. Digital DTH services in India began less than a decade and are gaining popularity and acceptance in India primarily due to its excellent picture and sound quality.

Everything you need to know about digitalization.

Do you still watch your cable TV?

Cable channels for the transmission of analogue operators, which is very confusing. Common problems associated with analog transmission signal ghosting or are confused and noisy. You will notice that after a certain number, channel quality to be very poor.

In high-end TVs, the cable is more distorted and not be able to show clearly observable. You need to digital signals provided by a service provider DTH changes in all the benefits of a top TV functions and upscale.

What is a digital signal? As superior to analog signal is then?

In a digital signal receptivity is much clearer and all the channels have the same quality of reception. Because both signals are received at the same time, there are no problems with video in synchronization with the sound.

The cable operator is ready to beam digital signals?

Cable operators are analog signals. There is a huge cost in the digitization of cable signals and cable operators involved are many avoid this type of investment, but some operators and large-scale organized by cable.

Why do you need to go to SRD today?

DTH, Direct from local service. With this service, the receiver will receive the satellite signals directly into your set-top box. The viewer will choose a wider variety of channels, from which can be activated via packages. The image quality is much higher and the sound is very clear. Viewers can also high-definition content that is ready, most superlative television to make. HD channels is a big plus for DTH subscribers with the following additional features. Now you can watch your favorite sport or travel adventure action and HD series, but now you can see all the action of the film more clearly. There is an image quality of up to 5 times normal picture or standard definition images 16: 9 aspect ratio