Wednesday, 24 October 2012

BCCI demand $ 800,000 from Sky TV for India England cricket series

BCCI demand $ 800,000 from Sky TV for India England cricket series aired in the UK.

 H8JQFFY5VSCX  Even before the England cricket team begins its long-awaited tour in India, there are indications that the fans people at home country UK unable to watch the cricket series on sky TV.
BCCI demand $ 800,000 from Sky TV for India England cricket series

Reason: The request type for an additional £ 500,000 access BCCI comment.
Reports in the British media, said the Board of Control for Cricket in India an unexpected request for Sky TV comments on the facilities and the holders of the rights in the UK for a series of planned offer to send their commentators in the series.

Sources said that the number quoted an estimate of the BCCI "real cost" wish so to Sky unilateral and independent reporting of the series in India, England have the price includes a studio and a comment box for the Sky TV commentators own panel, a control room with TV, audio and video on a monitor scoring and satellite uplinks seat 30 days cricket. Sky believes that none of these things happened in the country after. Paying the right of the United Kingdom
The Sky commentators, including former England captain Michael Atherton, Nasser Hussain and Ian Botham and be required to work on their studies in the field if the issue is not resolved. Either that or Sky would be forced to accept the observations of the local station (ESPN Star Sports).

These type of Problems arose when India and England series. Conducted in 2011, the public in India and England were unable to see the first three overs of the game in Hyderabad, because of a dispute between Prasar Bharati and Neo Sports. It disturbs Sky before England series in 2006 round, when it reached an agreement with Nimbus days before the start of the series.

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