English Club TV Added On Measat 91.5E

English Club TV has started fta Measat 3A-91.5E

This English channel is free to air. To get this channel here is the frequency transponder detail

TP4165 H 20640

English Club TV has started fta Measat 3A-91.5EEnglish Club TV is a television channel, to study English. Channel content consists of documentaries, feature films, cartoons and music videos, which are to learn for English. The program is divided into several blocks, which correspond to different levels and age groups. Hosts all the programs originate. The basis of the program policy of the chain is the communicative method of learning a foreign language. It is a method that students can easily and effectively master pronunciation and grammar, and helps the viewer to immerse themselves in the language environment and overcoming the language barrier.

communicative approach
The communicative method of learning a foreign language appeared in the 1960s. Teachers use this method to teach language without origin students. Classes using the communicative approach with a native Spanish language performed. This balance between all aspects of the language. A teacher can explain how to use certain words and phrases correctly. Language teaching with verbal and nonverbal communication (gestures, facial expressions, movements, etc.)


"Movie Club
Say It Right+
Speak Up
Music Time
English 911
Funny Words
Funny Quiz
Mojo Morning
Flash Facts
Light Box
Fairy Tales
Tall Tales
ECTV Extrеmе
World News
Weather Forecast
Word Express
Full Contact
Fate of the Great
Fairy Travelling
Music Club
Secrets of English
Rest and Relax
Best of the Best
Business Words"

TV Series

"Ultimate Gadgets
Movies, Movies, Movies
Tech Head
Fashion Memoir
The Lost World
Biographical Films"