QuickFlix and Dish TV launched Android TV adapter In NZ

QuickFlix and Dish TV in partner-ship launched  Android TV adapter in New Zealand

Quickflix recently announced a new association with Dish TV for the launch of a smartvu HDMI dongle, or a stick of television (TV stick), which will bring the new revolution in entertainment television transmission to existing home TV sets with an affordable price by using smartvu HDMI dongle.
QuickFlix and Dish TV in partner-ship launched  Android TV adapter in New Zealand

Now, any television set with an HDMI input can become a smart TV and accessible TV streaming unlimited movies and TV channels by using Quickflix. The stick smartvu TV comes pre-loaded with Quickflix and a variety of other applications.

It also features a wireless "wand" remote control with wireless mouse function innovator.

The multimedia add mini SmartVU Internet and high-definition streaming to any television having a HDMI port. After connected, you can use all the functions of Internet on your TV screen by using mini SmartVU right on your TV. The device connects to your home network via Wi-Fi and runs on the Android operating system.

Quickflix New Zealand Buckley Managing Director said: "Our association with Dish TV means that the accessible streaming entertainment available for every kiwis, regardless of their budget and without the need for a set-top box."

The TV stick smartvu TV is on sale at Noel Leeming, Bond & Bond and Harvey Norman, with a the retail selling price of NZ $ 139. It is also available straight from the web site of DISHTV.

For More details visit  DishTV Newzealand website