D2h Offer Free ZQTV For 3 Months

Video con D2H new offer. Zee QTV free till end of march 

Video con D2h is offering more and more gifts to its loyal customers. Currently they have a lot of pure crystal clear audio and video TV-channels. Also they contain large number of ASLI HD TV channels. The package price of asli high definition TV system is very fair as compare to other Direct to home service currently operated in India.

D2h Offer Free ZQTV For 3 Months

  Now video-con D2H Tv is offering ZQTV a popular kids channel for free preview till 31 march 2013. I think this is a gift from d2h market to the kids. So for as zqtv is concern, it is a newly launched kids TV channel. But it is gaining more popularity among kids for its educative content.

  What do you think about d2h services and offers. Please leave your view in the comments section. Have a nice day.
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