Dish Network Launched Hopper Device For TV Everywhere

Sling-tech equipment is added to Dish, now watch TV Everywhere

Dish Network Corp., the second largest provider of satellite TV said, Hopper  a new decoder is installed on the system of Sling Media, the customers to watch live TV possible on a wide range of mobile devices.

Dish on technology acquired in 2007 based on what the audience has a "TV Everywhere" experience, the company said Monday. Approach differs from the approach by competition from the courts, including Comcast Corp., DirecTV and Time Warner Cable Inc., have built up their mobile offerings accepted by establishing contracts with programmers for a long time.

Sling-tech equipment is added to Dish, now watch TV Everywhere

The updated set-top box unveiled Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a new standard for clients court. It is the first product of a great TV providers, offers users the ability to display the built-in channels, live shows on a list of all PCs, smartphones and tablets. For almost eight years, Sling Media has a separate box that allows users to watch TV on the Internet connected devices offered.

"Anyone who says TV Everywhere ', but basically started Sling" said CEO Joseph Clayton said in an interview. "This is really television always and everywhere, at home and 
away from home."

Sling improved hopper is available at the end of January and will be free to sign for customers, the two-year contract for a few bouquets packages of channels. Users must download a separate application anywhere on their mobile devices and enter a user name and password authorized to access mobile TV to its lineup. Dishes Anywhere is available for Apple and Google Inc. Android devices.

Cable companies and DirectTV, the largest U.S. provider of satellite TV, spent years on individual contracts with companies such as Walt Disney Co. programming, CBS Corp. and NBC Universal, Comcast to take to obtain the rights for the programming line. The result was a mixture of access to the application and not directly to specific channels and others. In some cases, consumers pay a premium for programming a mobile device.
This approach avoids courts Sling this process, said Vivek Khemka, president of product management dishwasher.

"This is unique in the industry pay," he said. "How you pay double for their own content."

The danger is that cable networks and broadcast calls for the company to pay for the mobile rights in their programs. Dish is preparing for a legal battle, said Clayton.

"We try to stay ahead of the existing technology," said Clayton. "While this means that. Some studies, OK"

Sling Media Inc. dishwasher acquired over five years for about $ 380 million. The device now separated as a division of EchoStar Corp., arm set-top box manufacturing disc in 2008. The billionaire Charlie Ergen, founder of the plate and is the president of both companies.

Dish, based in Englewood, Colorado prepared to show a "massive campaign", the mobile client capabilities of the funnel again, Clayton said.

The decoder allows users to transfer recorded programs directly on the Tablet PC for later viewing in any environment - with or without a wireless signal. The property is ideal for the plane, which is illustrated by Clayton told TV ads showing "Boys from Boston" flat Pitchmen funnel, or "The Hawpah" offer in ads last year.

"We use the ranch in the hopper, and it is expanding," said Clayton. "It will be an evolution of the hopper capacity and functionality."