DTH Services Consumer Rights Do You Know

Know your consumer rights of DTH service.

Not many are familiar with the benefits and rules of DTH (Standards of Quality of Service and reduction claims) Regulations, 2007 and amendments to the rules in 2009 occurred. By regulating the telecommunications regulator sets rules for India DTH player.

Not many are familiar with the benefits and rules of DTH (Standards of Quality of Service and reduction claims) Regulations, 2007 and amendments to the rules in 2009

Standards that follow from DTH operators about their services, including limiting subscriber complaints.

For example, there is a requirement for the DTH service provider, the customer with a bill that provide the correct and detailed rate of subscriptions, value-added services (if any) and taxes. It also states that all DTH providers have purchased a warranty for the team (including set-top box) by the customer during the warranty period, no tax imposed by the service provider for repairs or. House calls to troubleshoot malfunctions of the Set top box, there should be no charge for that service of repair.

The Regulation act also provides for the repair complaint - every service provider must have a call center and a nodal point of the lens officer. It also sets limits for the handling of complaints.

Repaired in case of complaints about the lack of reception of signals, at least 90 percent of the complaints should be restored and signals in 24 hours. Arise in relation to the other complaints, at least 90 percent will be repaired within 48 hours, said the settlement.

Under the rules, any unresolved complaints about 5 days, and if that is the case, the customer must provide a proportional reduction of the subscription rights, the sixth day of registration of the complaint to the satisfactory solution. And also apply to all other, that the subscriber can receive and any other law.

Consumers can file a complaint to TRAI for violations of these standards, but it is time we had an ombudsman for redress of grievances telecommunications.

SP Jain: Based on the ads in national newspapers with a "free pass for a year and two-year stimulus package," I paid Rs 4800 for a package of 180 + channels, however, I'm only 127 channels operator. DTH and whenever I complain, I say that I was subscribed for the sports package (never chosen) reserved with 127 channels and can not be changed. Please tell me the appropriate forum to deal with justice.

Legislation is debated, it is clear (Fig. 9A). Not a provider of DTH selected any changes in the composition of the subscription and paid for by the participants during the term.

Therefore, the plaintiff is not only against the rule 9A, but the deadline for the resolution of complaints under the legislation. He did not discounting of the provisions. And must be held accountable for these violations.

First, write to the nodal point of the service officer and TRAI. You can also file a complaint with the consumer court seeking compensation for unfair trade practices for the poor service and for violation of the provisions of TRAI. Given the behavior of the service - which not only refused him the wrong package, but also to correct the error - should be as punitive damages as a warning to other providers, as well as serve.

Already limited Tata Sky vs Kamla Lall (RP No 3044 of 2010, decided January 14, 2011), the Court has made clear that consumers summit that DTH operators need to provide the service to compensate for poor consumers.


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