Kamal Hassan Gets Hit By Cable Operators For His DTh expansion

TNCTA warned Kamal Hassan for his DTH extension plan

Theater owners in Tamil Nadu are not happy on his bad start Kamal Hassan in the decision “Vishwaroopam through its direct film-to-home (DTH), but in Andhra Pradesh, the exhibitors have no problem with it.

A registration form was of course by the exhibitors of the film, in which entrepreneurs no loss of the film, if you have prepared a theatrical release. The film, which will be acquired, owned by a distribution company of Dasari Narayana Rao, Andhra Pradesh and distributors or exhibitors, highlight the risk of losing public. The benefits will be shared, however, by the manufacturers, distributors and exhibitors.

“Kamal Hassan decided to use a new technology. This is his right. Exhibitors no objection unless it is cut in your income, and the formula seems to have been resolved,” said M Vijayendar Reddy, President, Chamber of Commerce Telangana film .

In fact, in the audio version of “Vishwaroopam” the big-budget in the city on Sunday evening, appreciated some of the Tollywood bigwigs Kamal Hassan to accept the new technology. “I whole heartedly support,” said the director Rajamouli, among them was “MDEEG” a great success in 2012. Dasari Narayana Rao also expressed his support for Kamal Hassan. His argument is that there is no problem of piracy released the film, when DTH.

Support Tollywood become important because Kamal Hassan in Tamil Nadu gets warned by cable operators that their films will never be shown in any theater both new or old , if he proceeds, bringing ‘Vishwaroopam’ DTH.

For those who subscribe to this film are “Vishwaroopam” 10 on your TV via DTH January 2013 and the date can be displayed after the theatrical release planned. Kamal Hassan to start movie experience on a DTH before releasing in theaters the first in the world to be.

Apart from Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions of the film will also be released simultaneously by SRD Dth services.

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