NsTPL Will Start Digital Cable Cabletv and cable internet Soon

NSTPL prepared to face DTHplayers and cable TV with jainhits

Telecom Lead India NSTPL cable for cable prepares for the dominant players in the cable industry and its JAINHITS DTH India, the first direct to network (DTN) based service matches (Headend-In-The-Sky) which the technology.

The main attraction in the existing cable and DTH offer different features for users, that is digital cable and triple-play services, such as video, voice, cable internet and data.

NSTPL prepared to face DTHplayers and cable TV with jainhits

JAINHITS joined last year with Motorola as a technology partner as his partner and Intelsat.

JAINHITS pan India provides cable service, delivery of 200 to 500 digital channels (including SD and HD), broadband, interactive TV and the connected home value.
"Without land, the only player to start with more satellite capacity for HITS. Capacity there is no other touchdown before the deadline for digitization pan India," said a senior JAINHITS.

JAINHITS is received cable operators and their partners to promote their services in the country.
The company says that cable operators - are being forced to invest Rs 03.02 million rupees to buy its own header, infrastructure, etc. Cable for cable during scanning

If cable operators with Indian JAINHITS benefit from a clean and compact solution for network scanning partnering and digital cable. Moreover, bear JAINHITS scanning problems.

When combined with JAINHITS, cable operators will be investing about Rs lakh 15th

Other advantages include the availability of tablets and mobile devices such as a second screen.
JAINHITS said.'s Partnership with Motorola, the company to deliver content experiences to react new generation of mobile devices / tablets to user requests

JAINHITS includes the construction of broadband networks with associated access / LCO ISO.

Today, India has 125 million cable and satellite TV at home and 7500 by 70,000 CDO MSOs across India. Only 5 percent of MSO and LCO in India that provides Internet services.

JAINHITS offers two types of Internet solutions or leased lines and broadband. Internet leased lines of 2 Mbps to 155 Mbps, while the ranks of the broadband speed of 256 Kbps and up to 20 Mbps

The cost of broadband, cable internet starts Rs 199 per month and have more plans up to Rs 1450 per month. The cost of digital cable is not yet decleared by cable for cable company.

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