Cable TV digitization Results Growth Of DTH Connection

Will the city see growth of the DTH connections?

Coimbatore is one of the cities meet the deadline to 31 March in the second phase of the digital TV systems. With only a few days before the deadline, the direct-to-home (DTH) distributors can hope for DTH consumers more action by the authorities to be included in operating systems decide analog signals.

Although DTH systems. An option for those who do not want to wait for the deadline for digitization, television in the city shines through power cuts and a slowdown in industrial activity in the neighborhood have been affected SRD sale system has been in front of a slowdown in the last six months, according to some of the city DTH.

A dealer said Gopalapuram SRD ones to see the local channels on cable connections and prefer those who want to see a series of national and international channels rather SRD.

Monthly Payment

The minimum monthly payment is Rs SRD. 150th It is now lower cable connections.

If the scan is performed, it is possible that. Raising the monthly fee for those cable connections also.

Ondipudur another dealer who deals in a specific area of the city, said that the monthly payment of the SRD used on 15 to 20 per month. During the festival season is still 60 per month away. Consumer demand is increasingly urban. While there is a potential market for DTH in the last six months, sales are down. The deadline of 31 March has not seen many customers leave cable connections, or set-top boxes.

Digitization program awareness is relatively low in Coimbatore, traders say.

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