Lack Of Set Top Boxes For Cable TV Boost Sale Of DTH Operators

Lack of set top box for cable TV digitization boost sale of DTH operators

Lucknow: The lack of  cable TV decoders set top box in the city seems to increased sales of DTH connections these days, especially after the TV went blank in 38 cities on 1 April. The operators have confirmed that the direct daily turnover (signal) popularly known as DTH connections are increased in 4-5 times in recent months.

While about 300 DTH connections are sold each day in the city of about 1,500 to 2,000 daily turnover rose connections today. Sales showed a big jump from 1 April 3rd April and reached nearly 3,000-3,500 DTH connections daily.

Lack of set top box for cable TV digitization boost sale of DTH operators

According to the latest figures from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Union, about 1,30,000 households have a DTH connection in Lucknow.

In Lucknow, Tata Sky DTH is the first provider with a market share of 30%. It is followed closely with Airtel (about 28%), then comes - Dish TV and Video con d2h, are direct competitors. A dealer of Tata Sky said, "The six DTH in the city has increased its staff last month, the opportunity" have increased our staff to use only 2 through 11. ".

Most people also showed a preference for SRD. An officer of Airtel in Lucknow, said: "Nearly 20% of people have opted for the use of DBS for better transmission quality and a greater number of channels, only those who are waiting for the decoder subject to financial constraints.."

Dealers said the growing trend of the installation of LCD TV and LED TV also drives sales of DTH television. One trader said: "It is understandable that a person who goes around Rs 30,000 to 50,000 on a TV would not mind buying a connection face to a better quality experience about 10% -15% of the people get used here LCD or LED TV. This allows us to use a large enough market. "

The experts also suggested by cable network operators to increase the monthly income as soon as DAS (Digital Addressable System) applies to plan for the entire city. A seller of DTH said: "If the new system, cable ready packaging is applied and also increase the monthly rent This would reduce the price parity between satellite and cable households.". Price for the current installation of over Rs 2200 DTH and cable costs 1200 rupees.

They said that there are more advantages DTH via a wired connection and offers high-definition transfer, a value proposition for LCD and LED TV and more channels via a cable connection.

"Usually the people who DTH installation would be costly multiple connections at home as a leitmotif think. Yet this is a one time fee, and it is quite reasonable for the type of value offers DTH. DTH companies have special packages a month of high reduced rates for customers with multiple connections. during the monthly rent free cost around Rs 500, the secondary connections of the house can be used for just about Rs 160, "said one trader.

SRD is also known as a favorite among the houses, which require a single cable connection option offers more value for money presented.

The experts also suggested by cable network operators to increase the monthly income as soon as DAS (Digital Addressable System) applies to plan for the entire city.

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