KVH launches new V3IP Tracphone mini-VSAT broadband

KVH launches new service V3IP Tracphone mini-VSAT broadband service

So far as its commitment to reliable broadband connections that provide fast and cheap for sailing, provides KVH Industries V3IP terminal Tracphone for its high-speed mini-VSAT services.

Small maritime VSAT antenna in the world now comes with built smaller and devices under the bridge - New KVH CommBox Integrated modem (ICM), a functional unit that includes an IP-enabled antenna control integrated CommBox Ship / Shore Network Manager and the modem ArcLight spread spectrum capacity voice over IP, Ethernet switch and Wi-Fi connectivity.

All equipment is covered under Tracphone V3IP integrated into a single 2U. The system is exposed, and at the conference Asia sea and exposure to Singapore this week for order processing.
KVH launches new service V3IP Tracphone mini-VSAT broadband service
Cheaper, easier to install new KVH Tracphone V3IP and provides higher reliability than competing solutions that combine discrete components from a number of different manufacturers.

The design is fully integrated system provides an easy alternative to the complexity of maritime VSAT competition, typically a technician on-site to a full rack of equipment from different third party manufacturers of modems, antennas, configure controllers, switches, adapters, and servers.

He also has advanced network management solution for best-in-class KVH, the ship / Shore Network Manager CommBox, accessible to all V3IP Tracphone customers without additional hardware investment. With a compact satellite dish is only 37 cm (14.5 ") in diameter provides the V3IP Tracphone network management capabilities of advanced satellite communications and a wide range of boats 9 m (30 ft) or more.

"Introduction to V3IP Tracphone is an important step in our ongoing mission to provide high-speed connectivity, fast, reliable and affordable for customers maritime provide," said Brent Bruun, executive vice president of mobile broadband KVH.

"The Tracphone V3IP offers a complete end-to-end to manage both IT and communications solutions aboard a variety of boats. Offer data rates up to 2 Mbps broadband mini-VSAT, the first maritime VSAT service in the world. ' s similar in size to the L-band systems are in competition, but sends the data to a much lower cost, especially for ships, a relatively small amount of data use each month. "

The Tracphone V3IP offers many features to facilitate network management board computer of the two ships and away from the headquarters of the owner. The system itself is very easy for the user interface on a team with a great web browser that can be accessed via an iPhone application option to operate based.

The new ICM offers a full range of integrated optimized for satellite communications, including crystal clear VoIP Internet call, call the team that got the e-mail, secure file delivery and remote network access.

Service exclusive KVH mini-VSAT is provided by a network lock 14 Ku-band transponders, a seamless global coverage north of the equator and in all continents, including most major shipping routes to the south of Ecuador.

By leveraging the wealth of new commercial satellite services around the ocean regions KVH offers a much more affordable connectivity for existing L-band services, as demand for the service grows, KVH can easily add new features its network exactly where needed to ensure exceptional performance for customers by focusing on specific areas.

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