TV On Demand New Service By Airtel Digital TV Ad TV

Airtel Digital TV DTH launches a new service TV on demand

Digital dth .The service works on all Airtel digital TV HD and HD recorder boxes, and the need for internet connectivity to allow you to download videos.

Airtel hd dth announced the launch of the TV function on the platform of the application in its Direct to Home (DTH). The service allows users to watch live tv movies, videos and other content from various genres download - fashion and lifestyle, health and wellness, home and family, devotion, etc via internet. Airtel said that the service will be available in all HD and HD-PVR decoder.

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All new and existing customers of Airtel Digital TV HD you can use the service component only 12 150 (toll free) to subscribe to this service. Customers can receive on 54325 to a call from a client and SMS. HD-DVR users simply have to connect your decoder to any broadband connection to enjoy your favorite videos with the help of new on ondemand service.

While the service has no subscription fee, customers will be based video on demand free of charge at prices starting as low as Rs 10 and an installation charge of Rs 125 in your case.

This function starts shortly after the application compatible with a USB Airtel normal HD boxes, which increases the ability of the recorder to a certain extent.

At the time of this writing, you can create a new connection Airtel Digital TV HD From Rs 2790 and HD recorders buy from RS. Of 6440 with a airtel digital tv packs.

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sandeep said…
Now everything is going to simple like we can recharge our dth service from any online website as well as airtel brings new service named tv on demand, which is being done simple.