Eutelsat will soon launch Smart LNB for DTH TV

Eutel sat Smart LNB for TV DTH

Satellite direct, Satellite operator Eutel sat has to operate the success of the first phase of the development of an "intelligent LNB" for satellite antenna Direct-to-Home, which opens the door for the broadcasting its own ecosystem of linear TV services and confirms satellite TV directly connected. 'S "smart LNB is in the process of industrialization before commercial availability in 2014 for antenn a by eutalsat.
Lnb skew for dish tv and satellite direct by Eutel sat

Designed by Eutelsat is the "smart electronic electricity LNB with an satellite antenna connected to an integrated interactive applications such as HbbTV, pay-per-view tv, social networks, issuers subscription management and staff participate in Live Show (voting, comments ...). It to transform satellite services on the direct-to-home market en mass, so that broadcasters and operators platforms screws interactive value added services to their broadcasting platforms, avoiding observer depend on fixed and mobile terrestrial network. This new product meets the growing expectations of consumers to manage and interact with the content and also paves the way for the automation of machine to machine and at home.

"Based on the Eutel sat history of satellite direct innovation that expands the scope and competitiveness of satellite services, the" smart LNB will allow players to distribute its customers more efficiently and proposed diversification of the scope and nature of applications direct customer audience measurement and improve safety, "said Jean-François Leprince-Ringuet, Eutelsat's Commercial Director." This new technology can benefit, try TV with limited choice for the backlink and platforms operators in saturated markets to build the budget and maintain a strong direct relationship with your customer base is. "

Fully compatible with the existing team of satellite consumption, "smart LNB based on open standards (DVB-S2, IP, etc.) and high-performance protocols developed by Eutelsat for the link connection, combined with the use of optimal several frequencies satellite spectrum (bands C, Ku, Ka). As an IP-based, but also allow content to mobile devices at home (smartphones, tablets, laptops) tool are considered.

Proof-of-Concept and the first prototype has already been tested in the Eutelsat satellite and is now ready for validation with the operators of platforms and partners. Eutel sat has the industrialization of the first manufacturers to ensure that the new product from other hardware manufacturers will be accepted and become a pillar of the infrastructure of the future of television through satellite direct.
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