Network18, UTV, ETV, Hungama Channels withdraws signal from Reliance DTH Big TV

Network18, UTV, ETV, Hungama channels plans to quit Reliance DTH Big TV

All signals of Network18, Hungama channels and UTV network disconnect Reliance Big TV, the DTH arm Ambani (ADA) Group Anil Dhirubhai. 25 This was a notice jointly by UTV Motion Pictures Cast and distribution Ushodaya India Company, in major newspapers on Conducted in July 2013 published announced.

Hungama channels plans to quit Reliance DTH Big TV big tv

The reason for the separation, as the network specified, the non-payment of Reliance DTH. After the announcement, the signals after the 30th will To stop in July, while the signals of all channels TVE (TV Eenadu) to 10 August is separated

Interestingly, Mukesh Ambani has recently sold part of its stake in Eenadu TV and sold Network18 Group. RIL through an independent trust, is out 18 and TV18 Group means for developers of Raghav Behl network. Somehow, Mukesh Ambani has substantial interests in Network18 and ETV.

In addition, ADA group belongs to Anil Ambani.

If media reports and ads are correct, then the media could be another area in which the Ambani brothers could be on opposite sides. The brothers have crossed paths earlier business interests in sectors such as telecommunications and energy.

India DTH officials cast or dependence were not available for comment at the time of filing this report.
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