Cable digitization india: Impossible to meet the deadline say cable operators

Cable digitization india: Not possible to meet the deadline, say top cable operators

The period of 23 August was set for digitalization of cable by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) for the implementation of systems of digital addressable cable TV in Kolkata are unlikely to be achieved, depending on the local cable operators.

Cable operators are unable to set up digital cable box india to provide digital cable service to people

Swapan Chowdhury Federation "We want to implement a management system to build THE subscribers. Yet with so little time is not only possible to do so, said," cable operators in India.

"We have only 50-60 percent of consumers can SMS on August 23," he said.

The question of whether the deadline has been reached, MSO Manthan Sudip Ghosh said, "We'll see."

He said that has not been asked to extend the deadline MSO. Approximately 30-35 percent of the total 30 lakh cable connections have been made in the DAS process.

Chowdhury said TRAI does not have the local cable operator in the application, which led to delays consulted for digitalization of cable.

"We are the first point of contact for consumers and we are looking for the protection of the state administration, as there may be problems with public order when the terminals are off," he said.

TRAI Member RK Arnold, said the deadline of 23 August will be strictly enforced.

"We are not the deadline of August 23 In this case, the subscriber data, including settings of the channels are not made​​, the compounds can be separated," he said.

A customer would have to have to keep their personal information and preferences or channel packing alive to their televisions to accept digitalization of cable.

According to consumers' associations, the new system was set DAS monthly bill by 30-50 percent for cable digitization india, with most, not all channels are stored in the DAS.
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