Dish Network and DirecTV resists pressure from Wall Street to get merge

Dish Network and DirecTV resists pressure from Wall Street to get combine

Investors are so obsessed with the idea of ​​a merger Dish Network and DirecTV seems a matter of time before companies succumb. Questions about the possibility of retaining appear quarterly results call Dish Network yesterday. Observers of the company "seems obsessed" in the subject line capital says Todd Mitchell Brean. And managers do not seem to mind.
Dish network directv comparison. Dish Network and DirecTV resists pressure from Wall Street
Directv or dish network

 Last week, DirecTV CEO Michael White said he "never say never". Evercore Partners and Bryan force said: "never heard [Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen] speak so openly and positively about the possibility of a partnership with DirecTV," as yesterday. FCC blocked the merger of satellite TV in 2002, on the grounds that it would leave many rural subscribers without cable, with a pay-TV provider. Ergen But the business is "substantial", as it was then. Verizon FiOS and AT & T U-verse serve many markets. "And then, of course, you have an almost unlimited number of people in today's digital Internet, starting a business from Netflix or Hulu on Amazon for everything you can do on the Internet," Ergen said. "And that will only increase." He added that "there is no doubt that Dish and DirecTV together a lot of sense, If you just want to create value only in the short term, that would probably be the number one choice."

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Ready to jump off: Dish has accumulated on the use of frequencies, a large amount of rights, but need more to achieve his dream of building a wireless broadband landline. However, their efforts at forging an alliance with Sprint and Clearwire was now wants an agreement with LightSquared. But if that is not the case, and comes to the conclusion that he exhausted all possibilities, then "we are not suicidal about it. We got off the mobile and sell our range and we would be a video game business."

However, the Q2 results to the idea seem to confirm that the prospects for the satellite companies began to darken. Dish surprised analysts by the loss of 78,000 subscribers in the quarter, due in part to rising prices. Last week, DirecTV also disappointed that U.S. lost 84,000 subscribers. Dish network and DirecTV have complained that the cost of rapid growth programming could be more expensive and difficult to sell his services.

 Satellite TV competitive position is weakened when the Charter and its major shareholder, John Malone of Liberty Media Engineering the merger with Time Warner Cable, Cox and Cablevision are. Last month, Malone said the same dish DirecTV deal would make sense for businesses. The satellite business seems to be "going in the early stages of the phase of the long-term decline," says independent analyst Craig Moffett. Although wireless vision Ergen, "the only way to get comfortable with a recommendation buying from Dish whether one believes it to be a merger with DirecTV."
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