GSAT 15 GSAT 16 Satellite Will Boost Satellite TV and DTH Soon

GSAT-15 GSAT-16 satellites to enhance DTH satellite support , satellite TV, VSAT and other services in India

GSAT-15 is a geostationary communications satellite that contains 24 Ku-band and (GPS Aided Geo Augmented Navigation ) GAGAN payload. GSAT-15 will support Satellite Terminal Direct-To- Home (DTH ) services and existing small (VSAT ) in the country and will be part of GAGAN GAGAN cargo space segment for better air traffic management in the Indian air space .
GSAT satellites to enhance DTH satellite support , satellite TV, VSAT and other services in India

GSAT-16 is a geostationary communications satellites that are 24 C-band and 12 Ku-band and 12 C-band transponders of high class. GSAT-16 will enhance satellite telecommunications, satellite television, VSAT and other services in the country .

GSAT-15 and GSAT 16 satellites are planned to launch during 2014-16 term.

GSAT satellite apporval

 GSAT 15 and 16 satellites was approved in July 2013. The approved costs , including start-up costs and acquired insurance periods are as follows:-

GSAT 15: ` 859.50 crores
GSAT 16 `   865.50 crore

Funding for GSAT - Gsat 15 to 16 satellites in fiscal year 2013-14 is 800 Cr.

There are currently nine operational satellites INSAT/GSAT namely communication INSAT-3A , INSAT - INSAT 3C - 3E, INSAT -4A, 4B - INSAT , INSAT - 4CR , GSAT-8 and GSAT -10 through 12. The total number of repeater satellites that are currently available in the C- 195 operating for C band, Ku band and S band services in India. 

Satellite communications transponders are leased to users after the launch and operation of satellites. Department of space leased satellite transponders INSAT / GSAT by ANTRIX Corporation Limited, the commercial arm of the department. ANTRIX rental income received by the INSAT / GSAT transponder during 2012-13  is 482.67 crores approximately. This income is attributed by service Direct-To-Home ( DTH) Digital Satellite TV, Uplink News Gathering ( DSNG ) services, very small aperture terminals (VSAT ) services. This revenue does not include the planned capacity for different social TV applications-education, such as telemedicine, Village Resource Centre, disaster management and part of the public service broadcasting, the creative services in the nature of income.

Minister of State for Personnel, complaints and Pensions and Minister Shri office V.Narayansamy Prim gave this information in reply to a written question in Rajya Sabha today.
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