DD National HD with 10 Private HDTV Channels started in Four Metros

DD channels in HD anlong with 10 HDTV private Telwvision channels

Chennai: It's boom time for the television viewers. The war between cable TV and DTH started to warm up, but Doordarshan, the only authorized body transmission over the terrestrial network will foray into HD TV channels in high definition. The good news is that it will increase to 10 private TV channels in the terrestrial network as free-to-air bouquet and satellite television.

Satellite tv pc master Watch DD National HD with 10 Private HDTV Channels

How to keep pace with the latest technological developments, we asked Prasar Bharathi (Doordarshan), two of our broadcast in high-definition platform strings, so we started to install the HD channels in our Chennai" Mr. Anandan, Vice President (Engineering ), Doordarshan, said in an informal conversation with Deccan Chronicle on Thursday.

First DD HD broadcasts available in four metros, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai.

Explaining further, Anandan added that the installation will get more than three months and the transmitter is ready for distribution. "For the first time Prasar Bharathi has decided to take on private channels 10-12 in the terrestrial HDTV network in which some of the traditional channels of standard-definition TV could be. As DD has a higher penetration countries, to help all those who still see us in the terrestrial network to enjoy high-definition," he said.

Considering that in the future, the availability of HDTV can be extended to other parts of the country, Anandan said it would be a clear picture for the audience give terrestrial network.

"Now you have HD channels on Direct to Home TV platform (DTH), but this is the first time in the terrestrial network as DD has only the right to use the terrestrial network in the country," he said.
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