ASC Signal satellite technology Launched 180 TV Channels For DTH In Africa

ASC Signal provides 180 channels launch DTH platform by the rapidly growing Eastern European TNCs in Africa

Satellite Telecommunications Network-ASC Signal Corporation , the first of several major branches of the bridge with high precision tracking teleport STN Slovenia. The first Ka-band gateway where the ASC-generation integrated Controller (NGC ) 5.6 - meter satellite antenna and adjacent systems ( TRS), the highest level of tracking accuracy of the antenna provide Patented in dish reflector style.
Satellite company ASC Signal satellite technology Launched 180 TV Channels For DTH

For more than a decade, the ASC is a leading company in the Ka-band transmission after designed, manufactured and supplied about 300 Ka-band gateways worldwide. Ka-band gateways to the company are the basis for some of the largest networks in the Ka band in use today.

The antenna designed for use SRT ASC STN to compensate accurately the thermal effects on Ka-band antennas and a thousandth of a degree of precision tracking Ka-band satellite . This level of tracking accuracy STN reached the highest level of performance for satellite transponders that can maximize your customers the value of their satellites and improves the end user experience.

In the initial phase, STN use the gateway to the CSA Uplink up to 120 SD and HD TV channels 10 form four Ka band transponders. As the DTH platform grows transponder in the coming years to expand its capabilities STN ASC antennas to achieve additional Ka-band uplink to design 180 channels in SD and HD MPEG -4 DVB- S2.

"The Ka higher bandwidth QoS clarifies challenges for the region as rainfall sub-Saharan Africa," said Keith Buckley, President and CEO of ASC." The high data rates that also offer exceptional performance at a lower cost per bit. Appropriate technology is needed to balance the challenge and opportunity. STN We are proud that the CSA has decided for the job."

"STN is very pleased to continue the good cooperation between the CSA and STN. Due build a solution that we are able to develop both our existing activities and new customers are on board with a new Ka - band uplink" said Mitja Lovsin, STN Sales and Marketing Director, responsible for DTH Africa project. "We believe that the market in the emerging Ka Band solution distribution become more attractive not only for Africa but also in other regions."

About ASC Signal

ASC Signal is a multinational manufacturer of high performance, high engineering satellite ground stations-radar dish antenna and RF systems. Our clients include international channels, service providers and Fortune 500 companies as well as government and military organizations. ASC Signal leads through design innovation that uses on a heritage of 40 years of creativity and ingenuity.

About STN

STN-Satellite Telecommunications Network is a global provider of satellite/teleport with a wide range of services. The company is located in purpose-built, high-tech facilities outside Ljubljana, Slovenia, with a strategic location in the visible arc across Europe, Asia, the Middle transatlantic satellite-based Central Africa. STN reached the Americas via uplink service in the U.S. East Coast and provides uplink Australia/New Zealand via Sydney. The company offers TV channels, radio stations and content producers of high quality and cost effective to outsource part or all of their needs for the transmission and emission.

"STN is very happy to continue with the great cooperation with CSA."