MBC package fta on yahsat-1A 52.5 ku east beam

MBC Package FTA (MBC package free to air) on Yahsat-1A 52.5 KU East Beam

MBC package FTA. Hi friends there is a good news for you that MBC TV channels are added free to air on Yahsat 1A in KU east beam. Before this addition these TV channels from MBC were available on Yahsat 1A KU west beam. In ku wast beam all MBC channels are in HD mode. But the FTA HD MBC Package does not cover Asia.

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3 Sports TV added in Yahsat 52.5 E KU band strong TP

 But now all the popular channels of MBC, which shows non stop Hollywood English movies, action movies, horror movies, cartoon and WWE RAW including Bollywood movies. But i am feeling little sad for those people of India who do not have the coverage of Yahsat !A KU East beam. But luckily J&k and some nearby areas have good coverage and the signal strength of MBC package on 70cm Dish is above 70%.

 Ku east beam of Yahsat 1A has very good coverage in Pakistan, Afghanistan and nearby areas. Below is the footprint coverage map of Yahsat 1a. Check the map and see, if you are too the lucky one who can get these top TV channels in your area.

Footprint coverage map of Yahsat 1a. Satellite TV Yahsat-1A Ku West & Europe
Yahsat-1A Ku West & Europe

MBC Package FTA Satellite TV Yahsat-1A Ku East beam
Yahsat-1A Ku East

The parameter frequency of MBC package on Yahsat1A

TV satellite:           Yahsat 1A
Frequency:            11900 
Symbol rate:            27500
Polarity:                   H
Type:                      DVB-S/MPEG-2 FTA

The TV cahnnels of MBC package for ASIA are

Al Arabiya
MBC Action
MBC Drama
MBC Bollywood
MBC Masr

Update:  New Sattv Gem Bollywood HD and MPEG2 Started On Yahsat 52.5 East

Beside MBC TV channels you can also get these

Frequency:                       12034 V 27500

Onyx HD Movies:            MPEG-4/HD
Gem Sport HD:               MPEG-4/HD
Rubix HD:                       MPEG-4/HD
River HD:                        MPEG-4/HD
Mifa Music HD:               MPEG-4/HD
0 to 100 HD:                   MPEG-4/HD
Gem Life HD


Saeed Sargarh said…
11900 h 27500 pcm and others chennel MBC not avelebel from some time yahasat 52.5...and onyx hd have very strong quality and strinth...if any other way for MBC action please tell us...