Startimes kenya reduces set-top-box price with offer

StarTimes reduces set top box prices

Star Times cut its set-top box price in Kenya KSh2,999 for U.S. $35 and KSh3,499 for U.S. $40 with one month month free subscription of TV channels of costs KSh1 unique bouquet, 999 of (U.S. $23) per month.

Startimes Kenya Reduces Set-top-box Price with Offer. Startimes tv channels

Star Times said the move will ensure that the company increased its market share and to ensure a majority of Kenyans have access to digital television in their homes, with the critical boxes to facilitate the transition from analogue to digital.

Leo Lee, CEO Star Times (CEO), with low price satellite TV set top box ensures that every households have access to digital TV services by cheap credit and offers the best mix of programming on the platform.

"In the coming days, many Kenyans, especially in Nairobi is to buy digital boxes approved type, most people who will be affected are first time buyers, so we thought to make it easier for Kenyans to access our high quality digital TV services by reducing the cost of set-top box, while giving them a taste of our best programming in the unique industry," Leo said.

The dual role Startimes free-to-air digital box on ostrich uniform purchase with access to more than 72 local and international channels.

During this broadcast time and external wiring Startimes a subsidy of 43 percent for the antenna cable and ten meters retailers now received KSh800 (U.S. $9.25 ) in KSh1, 400 (U.S. $16.20) while the cable KSh900 costs (U.S. $10.40) .

"The access to digital television is no longer a luxury, because Kenyans increasingly adopt the technology, we position our brand as not only the best but also one with an enviable number of channels very competitive price." Lee said.