Telekom austria plans white label solution for dth

White label video now on Telekom Austria DTH

Telekom Austria Group is its new harmonic platform ProStream direct2home runs 9100 processors with high flux density ACE and transcoder, SMD 9200 DVBS-S2 modulators and NMX Digital Service Manager confirmed the technology by company.

Telekom austria group now has White label video now on Telekom Austria DTH

The solution is designed to handle multiple applications of digital processing aid Telekom Austria offers a White Label Solution platform for DTH in Central and Eastern Europe.

"The Telekom Austria Group has a long tradition as a provider of satellite TV services, and as a TV provider for IPTV and cable TV services," said Stefan Amon, Director of Wholesale at Telekom Austria Group. "By leveraging our existing infrastructure and experience with the technology best-of-breed harmonic treatment, we present the convergence to a new level. Working with the team of experienced and reliable, our standards they met is high, we offer a high signal quality for our own satellite delivery services as well as the operators of other stations, IPTV and cable TV network."

Telekom Austria uses Eutelsat neighborhood at 16 degrees East. Some 75 million households aligned with its service.

MDS 9200 modulator enhances the professional user efficiency and reduces the bandwidth cost with White Label Solution. Multi-stream support variable coding and modulation (VCM) provides SMD 9200 is ready for the future progress in the S2 modulation. The NMX Digital Service Manager provides a powerful set of tools for monitoring and managing the flow of new SRD Telekom Austria group work.

"In addition to supporting the expansion of the Telekom Austria Group's operations, the DTH platform of the company enables its customers to expand their own service traces in Central and Eastern Europe in a simple and profitable," says Stefan Meier, harmonics Sales Regional Manager. "The quality and reliability of the signal processing and delivery are essential to the success of this platform. Harmonic solution offers outstanding performance and maximizes the time operation , the Telekom Austria Group and its customers to move to market opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe."

Installation of the system White Label Solution was carried out by Normann Engineering GmbH, a leading system integrator and distributor in Austria harmonic basis.


Anonymous said…
Sir, its best website about Sat tv information.. For India, which Dish and Set top box (FTA receiver ) is best to access all free DD direct plus channel With all free international channel? what is diference between Normal (common ) DD DIRECT+ n 6/8 foot dish? please suggest me a good FTA receiver to all international channel n dd direct plus channels .. Thanks
Waseem Ahmed said…
Thanks for nice complement. We use simple 60 to 70cm ku band dish to receive DD direct plus channels in India. KU band beams covers a fixed location. As you move away from that location, you have to use bigger size dish to receive weak satellite TV signals. Example DD DTH covers India, But if you want to receive in Arab countries, you need 10-12 feet dish, much larger in size.

If you want to receive foreign channels then you have to buy a larger dish plus a good MPEG4 HD receiver to receive weak signals of foreigns TV channels in India. I think solid has some good MPEG4 HD satellite receivers in cheap rates.
Anonymous said…
1> Can I use my DD direct settop box to access other satellite or International FTA channels
2> what is difference between Ku band LNB and C band LNB
3> For India, 6 feet dish is perfect?
4> To access to two or more satellite,, we requires more LNB?
Waseem Ahmed said…
Your answers.

1. Yes, you can receive fta TV channels on DD Direct Plus Dish. But mostly DD DTH Set top boxes are cheap are are MPEG2 based. Now most of the TV channels are shifting to MPEG4 or HD format. But still there are plenty of MPEG2 FTA TV channels available.

2. Ku band lnb receives only KU band signals and C band LNB can receive C band signals. Both C band and KU band are different technology and we can receive them with specific LNB. For example your DD DTH LNB or other DTH lnb are KU band and can receive any KU band signals. C band LNB is bigger in size and only used on bigger satellite dish antennas.

3. I do not know your location, but for me here in J&K, North India, 6 feet is good enough. But more bigger your dish size is, more will be the signal.

4. If you want to receive two satellite with two dishes, you need 2 lnbs. But if you want to receive one satellite at one time you only need one lnb and you can rotate your dish to get signal from other sat tv with the same LNB. For example, am using my 6 feet c band offset dish to receive Paksat 1R 38E, and i adjusted a KU band LNB on the same dish as a side LNB to receive YAHASAT 52.2E. Thus i can watch more than 90 TV FTA TV channels with one dish But with two LNB (1 C band and 1 KU band.).

Hope that you got your answers. Thanks for Visiting. Always here for your service.