TRAI order interoperability of stb for dthtv service provider

DTH operators must ensure interoperability of set top box decoders

Direct to home TV (DTH TV) should facilate their consumers, whether to provide commercial or technical interoperability of satellite decoders (set top box), Chairman TRAI Rahul Khullar said on Tuesday.

TRAI Order Interoperability Of STB For DTH TV and cable tv Service Provider

He said that their DTH decoder (STB) must be technically interoperable, which means that the consumer, when you want to switch your service provider, you can use the same set-top-box.

If the DTH service providers have has found itself in a difficult choice, commercial interoperability must be ensured taking into account the interests of consumers.

Business Interoperability means that consumers return their decoder service and with the money they can buy alternative operators of their choice of best DTH service provider decoders.

Khullar was in an open area in conversation with DTH operators that are part of the process of the formulation of recommendations for the issuance of new licenses for DTH internal debate.

TRAI development of new guidelines for obtaining a license for DTH TV broadcasting services in the country offer the existing policies by approving only 10 years, issued without an extension or renewal.

The Ministry of I & B had TRAI asks, policies, licenses for most DTH operators were almost expired frame.

At the meeting, asked the TRAI DTH operators to give their views on topics such as registration fees and the amount, the duration of the license renewal DTH.

Industry representatives said the new licenses are granted for a period that is long enough. They said that if an operator has the rules are violated, the government has the power to cancel the license. Some representatives proposed to provide licenses for a period of 20 years.

Khullar said that DTH TV operators once the new licensing system DTH entry into force would be able to until their license expired earlier in the terms and conditions or can migrate to the new system.

Other issues such as royalties, the conditions for the cross-shareholding, etc. are discussed. TRAI earlier after floated a consultation paper invited written comments from interested . Khullar said that DTH operators could present additional points until Friday.