Dish network corp. launch wireless joey receiver at ces 2014

DISH Network Corp. : DISH Network Launch New Super Joey Receiver at  CES 2014, connecting joey to hopper

2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the new super Joey DISH Network LLC,  a subsidiary of DISH Network Corp., gets the award for the best CES 2014 Editors' Choice award by

Wireless joey, DISH Network Corp. : DISH Network Launch New Super Joey Reciever at  CES 2014, connecting joey to hopper

According to a statement, Media Group the official publisher of the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which is the  governing body organization of the CES. Joey De outstanding DISH customers can record up to eight programs at the same time, channel - Conflict virtually eliminated by this new dish network reciever.

"We are pleased, in partnership with the Consumer Electronics Association, DISH efforts to continue the TV viewing experience again renamed revolutionize" Vivek Khemka told us DISH senior vice president of product management. " Super Joey takes a great leap forward into a greater capacity and better TV experience with DISH TV and is found only with connecting joey to hopper  device."

Super Joey was decided by a panel of experts from the editorial board of the, a division of the U.S. today. CES recognize 2014 Editors' Choice Awards, design and exceptional value over a dozen of categories.

Super DISH Joey was one of the two receptors in the category of home theater. The winners were chosen in the following categories: 3D printers, home appliances, auto-motives, computers, cameras, games, health, mobile phones, personal audio, Smart Home and television.

Last year DISH Hopper HD DVR whole house has received the "Best of Show" award "Best of CES" award program for the 2013 International CES.

New DISH super Joey is powered by a 1305-MHz processor, Broadcom BCM7346 3000 DMIPS and has two satellite tuners, search functionality remotely and supports Ethernet and MoCA connectivity.

DISH Network Corp., through its subsidiary DISH Network LLC, provides approximately 14.049 million satellite TV customers as of 30 September 2013 and now it provides additional feature of connecting joey to hopper.